FJ #6 Pg 12

The Guardians keep up the pressure! That stone hand technique used by Shockwave here has some history actually. One of the first sketches Harold sent of Shockwave had a bunch of action pieces in it, and one of which was this very same stone hand move. As cool as it looked we had to make it his signature play!

We’ve also got some Dervish rocking here, showing off a little offense! As most folks know by now Dervish was originally supposed to carry bladed weapons as well as have crazy fast speed powers, but we figured that was a little dark, and besides I mean come on, he’s fast! I like seeing him kick some butt here, but then I tend to root for the speedster in any given fight!

For those of you wondering who Ramshot is referring to, the Ogre was on the list of villains killed or presumed killed by Justice Theta that we showed you a couple of weeks back. They were friends.

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  1. Paul Rose says:

    No! no, no, no, no! Keep hitting him intill you are sure he is down for the count!

  2. Cary Kelley says:

    heh. Paul makes a VERY good point. Letting up on Justice Theta could be….bad.

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