FJ #6 Pg 11

YES YES YES! Finally, after…YEARS of waiting to see Prometheus unleash the fire he so desperately wants to use, BAM here it is in spades! From the dark stare down moment in panel one to the let his ass have it half page bonfire, it’s on baby! And you have to consider the context here. Prometheus spent untold time chained to the rock paying for giving fire to man, he’s loathe to unleash it again, even at great need. Look at the dude, he doesn’t use fire in combat, he uses that big hammer! So to finally break out the big guns you know he’s desperate.

Lettering wise, I think I failed less on this page than I had previously, but I’d still like to change things. I’ve since learned TONS about actually pulling off what I was trying for here and it would make for a far better look, but I will say you totally get the point here at least.

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