FJ #1 Inside Front Cover

This was yet another case of not having a clue what I really wanted to do and just flying by the seat of my pants. There are things I like about modern comics, and things I hate, but I tend to like the use of the inside front cover to recap folks, especially since I loathe doing an in-story recap thing every issue. This lets me catch folks up in short order, and also offers me the space to add the credits and a bit of random flair as well, via the quotes. This particular quote is actually mine, though I used the anonymous tag. It felt funny quoting myself, and I don’t use any sort of pseudonym so I went with anonymous.

This background, and all subsequent inside front cover backgrounds for that matter, consists of unused promotional art. I felt like it was a damn shame to have all this great art and not get to use it, so I tossed it in everywhere I could think of! Seems to work, so I figure why mess with it, right?

This entire issue was actually print ready in February of 2007, though it says 2008 in the indicia. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned since I did this issue.

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