Grant Morrison Panel from Saturday at New York Comic Con



One of the most original and inventive writers in the comics medium, Grant Morrison, served as a Guest of Honor at this year’s New York Comic Con. Today, Morrison spoke on a mix of topics and we're pleased to share excerpts from his panel...


Part One



Part Two



Grant Morrison is widely recognized as one of the top writers in the comics industry and is acknowledged as one of its most imaginative storytellers. His revisionist Batman book, Arkham Asylum (with artist Dave McKean) sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and won numerous awards, making it the most successful original graphic novel to be published in America.


In his time in comics, Morrison has revived many titles and contributed groundbreaking and best-selling runs of popular stories for the major companies including DC Comics characters; Batman, Superman, JLA, Doom Patrol, Animal Man and for Marvel Comics the best-selling monthly, New X-Men, Marvel Boy and Fantastic Four.


In addition he has created a number of revolutionary original series including, We3, The Invisibles, The Filth, Zenith, Sebastian O, Marvel Boy, and the cult classics Kill Your Boyfriend, The Mystery Play and Seaguy.


His Graphic Novels and Comic Book collections have been translated into over a dozen languages and are sold worldwide.



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