Stan Lee and Grant Morrison

Launched 8:01 PM - It's time to talk legends, past and present, as Comic Con fired up the "Reinventing the Page: Stan Lee and Grant Morrison Talk Virgin Comics" panel. Rather than just talking about Virgin projects, the panel quickly evolved into the Stan and Grant Show. Let the fun ensue...


CBR: Lee & Morrison, Together for the First Time

Newsawama: Reinventing the Page: Stan Lee & Grant Morrison

EW: Stan Lee and Grant Morrison



Torchwood's John Barrowman to play Captain America?

Launched 7:29 PM - John has confirmed rumors that there have been discussions with his agents and meetings on that very issue. Now there's an amazing casting consideration we didn't see coming!


Blog@Newsarama: Two rumors end, another begins



Comic Con Leaving San Diego?

Launched 6:58 PM - Variety is reporting that Los Angeles and Las Vegas are both trying to lure the geek-gathering and pop culture explosion to their respective cities.


G4: Rumor: Comic-Con Leaving San Diego?

Variety: Could Comic-Con leave San Diego?



The X-Men Panel

Launched 6:32 PM - Marvel unveiled this year's X-Men panel at Comic-Con this afternoon announcing EX Infernus (the return of Magik), Manifest Destiny, the move to San Francisco, X-Force and much more.


Wizard Blog: In next X-event, all hell breaks loose

Comics Continuum: Comic-Con: X-Men Panel

Wizard: Marvel's X-Men Panel

Newsarama: Cebulski and Lowe Talk "Ex Infernus"

CBR: CCI: The X-Men Panel

Newsarama: Marvel's X-Men Panel



Umbrella Academy Returning To Comics and... Watchmen?

Launched - 5:53 PM - My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way is in attendance discussion the return Umbrella Academy, possible film options and more.


MTv Splash Page: My Chemical Romance To Perform Bob Dylan Cover In ‘Watchmen’ Movie

CBR: Way On "Umbrella Academy" Series 2



Devil's Due Promises a Surprise Guest

Launched - 5:30 PM - Devil's Due has promised a "blockbuster surprise guest you won’t want to miss”. Who is it? Follow the link to CBR below for the big reveal.


CBR: Who Is Devil’s Due’s Surprise Guest?



Terry Moore Brings Echo to San Diego

Launched - 5:14 PM - Terry Moore has created on of our favorite new series of 2008 and he's made his way to San Diego in support of Echo. We're certainly keeping an eye our for Echo updates for our coverage.


CBR: Terry Moore "Echoes" in San Diego



Hugh Jackman Visits With Fans

Launched 4:37 PM - X-Men's own Wolverine made a surprise appearance Thursday during Fox's presentation at Comic-Con International. Questions abound as everyone's talking X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


EW: Wolverine's Hugh Jackman steals the show at Fox's movie panel

E! Online: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Surprise

Newsarama: Wolverine Makes Earth Stand Still @ Fox Panel

Comics Continuum: CCI X-Men Origins: Wolverine



Robert Kirkman and Image

Launched 4:10 PM - As announced previously, Robert Kirkman is now a partner at Image Comics joining the remaining artists ( Erik Larsen, Marc Silvestri, Todd McFarlane and Jim Valentino) representing the original seven founders. Further details are emerging in San Diego.


CBR: Robert Kirkman - A Partner's Plan

Comic Related: Kirkman/Image Partner



Ed Brubaker's Angel of Death

Launched 3:50 PM - Ed Brubaker and White Rock Lake Productions have teamed to produce Angel of Death, a new live-action series for Crackle.com, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network, that will premiere in 2009.


Comic Related: Ed Brubaker Creates Live-Action Online Series

CBR: Sony announces Ed Brubaker's "Angel of Death"



DC Universe Online

Launched 3:10 PM - Details on DC's MMO from Sony Online's Austin studio continue to emerge as Jim Lee steps up as the game's Executive Creative Director with EverQuest developers, Chris Cao and Shawn Lord also being referenced as involved.


Big Download Blog: Fans get first hands-on with DC Universe Online

Newsarama: Sony's DC Universe Online Presentation



Mainstream Press Stories

Launched 2:58 PM - We all know the giants of comic coverage (Newsarama, CBR, Comic Related, Wizard, etc.) but what are the more mainstream press outlets saying about the show? Here we go...


USA Today: Comic-Con treats filmmakers as royalty

Hollywood Reporter: Comic-Con's geek chic fading?



San Diego Photos

Launched 2:50 PM - As sites begin photo blogging from San Diego, we'll sort out all the pages and share the links from Thursday right here. All the sights to go with all the action!


Wizard: San Diego Comic-Con Day One

CBR: Photos from the Show Floor

Flickr: Comics212's Photostream

Blog@Newsarama: Preview Night Pictures

Tor.com: Under Construction

Comics Oughta Be Fun: Photo Blogging with Bully



Grant Morrison's MBX

Launched 2:30 PM - Virgin Comics and digital animation producer Perspective Studios announce an international collaboration with Grant Morrison on MBX, an animation franchise based on India's The Mahabharata.


Wizard: Introducing Grant Morrison's MBX

Blog@Newsarama: Virgin unveils Morrison’s MBX

Comics Continuum: Grant Morrison's MBX



Watching For Watchmen News

Launched 1:51 PM - You know we're always on top of Watchmen information and there's tons of it coming to light at Comic Con. Glenn from WatchmenComicMovie.com is digging up information for phone updates and his own site. While we watch for those reports over the weekend, here are some fun links to follow.


G4: The Owl Ship In Person

CBR: Warner Bros. Announces "Watchmen" Video Game Details

/film: The Owlship From Watchmen

Blog@Newsarama: Watching the Watchmen ‘trailer effect’

MTv Splash Page: First Look At The Watchmen Dr. Manhattan And Owl Ship Statues

Beat: Hit of the Show

Beat: Watchmen: The Games



J.J. Abrams and Warner Brothers Television "Fringe"

Launched 1:31 PM - Produced by Bad Robot in association with Warner Bros. Television, Fringe is the story of a research scientist named Walter Bishop (described as Frankenstein mixed with Einstein), his son and a female FBI agent who brings them all together. The show is described as a cross between The X-Files, Altered States and The Twilight Zone.


EW: J.J. Abrams gives Comic-Con attendees first peek at 'Fringe'

Newsarama: J.J. Abrams 'Fringe' Review

Pulse: A Fringe Pilot Review

Wizard: Review of J.J. Abrams Fringe



Show Kickoff Stories and Day Summaries

Launched 1:22 PM - As the convention begins to rage forth and devour fans pocketbooks and ability to comprehend the world around them, we'll be gathering here all the stories we find related to the launch of the show.


Blog@Newsarama: Comic-Con: the story so far

Beat: Live from B.L.A.R.D.

About.com: San Diego Comic Con International Profile

Newsarama: Comic Con Preview Night Floor Buzz

Comics Reporter: Comic-Con International 2008 Begins Today At San Diego's Convention Center



The Guide of Guides to Comic-Con International

Launched 12:31 PM - Looking for a guide to help you navigate the insanity that is San Diego Comic-Con? About.com and the Comics Report have two solid resources to keep you covered as you navigate all the advice on what to bring, see and do at Comic-Con.


About.com: Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Comic-Con International Guides

Comics Reporter: Collective Memory: CCI 2008



Darwyn Cooke on the "Parker" Graphic Novels

Launched 8:48 AM - Friend of the site, Ron Fortier sent us the first breaking news story of Comic-Con. Ron described it as "awesome news, bringing comics and crime novels together in a glorious way". IDW Publishing announced Wednesday during preview night that Darwyn Cooke will be adapting the Parker series crime novels written by Donald Westlake.


ICv2: Darwyn Cooke Adapting Richard Stark Novels

Beat: Cooke tackles PARKER

CBR: Darwyn Cooke on the "Parker" Graphic Novels

Newsarama: Darwyn Cooke To Adapt 'Parker' Novels @ IDW

Blog@Newsarama: Meet The Press with Darwyn Cooke

Comics Continuum: Darwyn Cooke's Parker Graphic Novels

Beat (mention): Hour One



Coverage Begins

Thursday, July 24th, 8:00 AM - This is a different kind of coverage for Comic Related. Our plan is to roll out the updates on a regular basis throughout each day on individual pages. Think of it as a blow-by-blow rolling blog. This is the page for Thursday's show coverage. We encourage you to reload/refresh the page regularly to see updates as we flow them onto the site. It all happens here and the newest updates will be added to the top of each page.


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