Batman: Brutality
By Russell Burlingame/

Usually it's not the kind of thing I'd look at, but circumstance and a very enthusiastic salesman recently put a copy of the fan film Batman: Brutality in my hands.  It takes place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and revolves around Batman's relationship with Harvey Dent, and conflicts with The Joker and Scarecrow.  It was apparently written and shot prior to the release of The Dark Knight, as all the Harvey Dent bits, taken at face value, would invalidate the continuity of the film.

As much as the short film Dead End is an argument on behalf of fan films, this one is a giant, blinking neon sign that reads "Stay Away."  Featuring camera work that would impress...well, just about nobody...along with goofy dialogue and the acting chops of a bunch of ninth graders, Batman: Brutality might be fun for these kids, their friends and parents...but the rest of us should be very wary of dropping ten bucks on productions like this at a comic convention.

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