Champion City Comic Con 2010
Scott D.M. Simmons Looks Back on the Show!

This was my first time at Champion City Con, and it truly felt like a family reunion, as many members (I dare to say AT LEAST 75% of the people who post here) were at this one event, coming into Ohio from Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Illinois. Many of the CR family were friends I have seen at other shows throughout the last two years, and I had the pleasure of meeting a few in person for the very first time. I enjoyed chatting with alot of them and regretted not being able to hang out with them for the pre-event activities the day before, where I would have even more time to talk with them.

I got to meet the very nice and legendary Ron Fortier in person for the first time, and we posed with copies of Mr. Jigsaw that I did the cover for (Issue #7). Lisa Moore, Eric Ratcliffe, and Cary Kelley were among the other CR folks I had the joy of meeting in person finally. Outside of the CR circle, I also got to meet Tim Seeley, creator of Hack/Slash and discuss some things including the Halloween Man crossover I inked that appears in the Hack/Slash Volume 8 tradepaperback due out this month.

Speaking of Hack/Slash, there was a woman dressed up as Cassie Hack, and she was proposed to by Spider Jerusalem during the costume contest. I wasn't watching the contest, but I got pictures of both of them beforehand, and talked with them later on. And I also loved the Scott Pilgrim costumes I saw. During the day, Sean Forney was passing around a t-shirt for artists to draw on for a future auction to benefit Josh Medors and I drew Ahsoka on it.

Special thanks to Raichal, Chuck, Brant, and Lisa for taking some pictures whenever I am seen in the photograph. Hope I am not forgetting someone who helped out there. Raichal took pictures during a moment I wasn't truly prepared for: when I got my first-ever trophy award ("Best Indie Artist" for my artwork on "Wannabez"). What a nice honor that I am still somewhat stunned about, having assumed that someone else I admire was going to get the award. There was a great group of nominees and winners, and it was a very special moment to share. After the show, many of us from the CR family went out to Golden Corral afterwards and had more fun there.... until someone set off the exit door alarm.

Overall, it was a nice time, and one event I will surely remember for a long time. Thanks to Bill Gladman, Scott Riley, and the rest of their team for putting on a great show and in a way, hosting this "family reunion"! --Scott D.M. Simmons

Lisa, Chuck, Brant and Ron
Scott and Lisa
Ron and Scott
Eric and John
Chad Lambert
Cary Kelly and Brant
Jackie, Krista, Darren
and Alecia
Raichal and Josh Medors
Brant and Eric
Tim Seeley
Victor and Chad
Tim Hagans

More photos coming in about an hour!

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