New Comic Day Vol. 1 Available at Champion City 2010!

The award winning New Comic Day web comic creative team is proud to announce that NCD vol. 1 - New Comic Day: 52 And Then Some will be at Champion City Comic Con, September 11, 2010!

This beautiful 48 page book is available for $5.95 at several tables at the show. It is packed with special features including:

  • 48 full pages of content, no ads
  • Commentary throughout the book from the full creative team
  • 8 extra strips exclusive to this collection
  • Art from Chad Strohl, Bill Gladman, Brant W. Fowler, Brittany Castonguay, comic book legend Phil Hester, Jef Price and much much more.
  • Behind the scenes features like a how to draw the guys and insight into how things changed from Liam to Lisa and the inclusion of Brant!
  • A foreword by Green Hornet/Mr. Jigsaw writer Ron Fortier
  • A map of the fictional "Champion City"
  • A 2 page story of how comic Eric and Bill first met!

All this is available in the collection of the first printing at Champion City Comic Con on September 11th!

New Comic Day is a weekly webcomic about comic fans Eric Ratcliffe and Bill Gladman who couldn't be more different if they tried. They go on crazy adventures like stealing the Batmobile and dreaming of being in Star Wars all while arguing over things like what's a Goku and why Bug might be able to beat up Deadpool. It's Looney Tunes meets Clerks every Wednesday on!

(Cover art by NCD art team Chad Strohl and Lisa Moore, logo and design by Brant W. Fowler and Lisa Moore)

Champion City Comic and Gaming Convention

Saturday, September 11, 2010
10am-6pm At the Shouvlin Center
737 Fountain Ave.(Wittenberg College Campus)
Springfield, Ohio
Admission $4.00, with kids under 12 FREE!

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