Twilight Star Studios Celebrate Champion City Comic Con
With The Release of Three New Books

The Boys From The ';Field are pulling out all the stops for our very first convention appearance to date. The only creative art studio in Springfield Ohio is proud to be one of the featured guests at Champion City Comic Com 2010....the only comic convention in Springfield, but one of the fastest growing and well received shows in the Ohio area.

Twilight Star Studios has yet to turn one year old (an event coming up soon and boy will we be celebrating) but in less than a year we have already produced four great books...

Did Somebody Call For A Hero issues #1-3

Written by Chad Strohl, illustrated by Mannie Abeleda. Each issue of this series comes with a "Captain Awesome" back up feature written and illustrated by Chad Strohl.

Covers by Chad Strohl

Tales From The ';Field #1

Stories include:

"Flatworld"-by Jef Price

"Legacy-Part One'-by Derron Church and Lisa Moore

"A Matter Of Life And Death"-by Bill Gladman, Gary Church, and Derron Church,

"G-Code Part One-No Turning Back"-by Gary Church

"Business As Usual"-by Frank Raynor, Bill Gladman, and Lisa Moore

Cover by Richard Fritz.

Tales From The ';Field #1 has been well received, selling well at numerous local comic shops, nominated for a Champion City 2010 Award "Best Anthology", and scheduled for a second printing late September.

Copies of all these books (in limited quantities) will be available at the Twilight Star table at Champion City as well as these three brand new releases brought to you by Twilight Star Studios.

Tales From The ';Field #2


Full color cover illustrated and colored by Oscar Pena

"Living Dead Girl"-four page "alternate" preview of the brand new, on-going Necrotrancer series set to debut in October-by Bill Gladman and Oscar Pena.

Necrotrancer pin up by Brian Typhair

"Legacy-Part Two"-by Derron Church and Rick Berry

"Dead Money"-by Frank Raynor and Chris Martin (in association with Studio Akumakaze)

"The Diner"-by Ron Fortier, Jeremy McHugh, and Jaymes Reed

"The Tree"-by Raichal Gladman, Bill Gladman, and Lisa Moore

G-Code pin up by Gary Church

Did Somebody Call For A Hero #4. Written by Chad Strohl, illustrated by Mannie Abeleda. Concludes the first story arc. Another new "Captain Awesome" back up feature by Chad Strohl. Cover also by Chad Strohl.

Pandemonium Spotlight #1. What better place to launch a new ongoing anthology series than a comic convention, and what better comic convention than Champion City?

Pandemonium Spotlight #1 features:

"Mouthful of Spiders"-by Dustin Carson and Chad Strohl

"N.I.B."-by Bill Gladman, Chris Metzger, and Lisa Moore

"Driver's Seat"-by Bill Gladman, Chris Hoskins, and BJay Johnson (in association with Studio Akumakaze)

Pinups featuring characters from the up coming Necrotrancer and Un-Naturals on going series (Un-Naturals debuts January 2011). Features art that will appear in the Un-Naturals Source Book scheduled for release in November.

Allister Fiend-by Dan Matthews

Challis-by Brian Latimer

Cover by Chris Metzger and Bill Gladman

Also available at the Twilight Star table at Champion City...over 100 hundred art prints from the various artists of the studio and featuring characters from our books, Twilight Star t-shirts, and FREE Jack the Rabbit ash can comics....Jack the Rabbit is set to launch into a new limited series in October.

Twilight Star will also be making a donation to the Champion City Charity auction to benefit Josh Medors and Twilight Star founding member , Gary Church, will be appearing as a guest for the last panel discussion of the day "Home Town Heroes" hosted by Brant Fowler, our Comic Related home boy! you can see....we're very excited about this show. Hope you are as well.

Twilight Star

Champion City

Hell Yeah!

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