OnTheRedCarpet.com Shares a Video Interview with Ryan Reynolds from Comic-Con

Corinne Heller, Senior Producer at www.ontheredcarpet.com shared a video interview they conducted with Ryan Reynolds about his upcoming starring role in the Green Lantern film at last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con International 2010.

Here's a snippet of the interview from the source, followed by the full video interview:

Ryan Reynolds says filming The Green Lantern was "the weirdest experience ever," mostly because his costume is half-virtual.

"Technically, I am not in that costume," Reynolds said. "The costume is a motion capture suit. So what it is, effectively, the suit comes out of the character, I mean, it's a biological manifestation of the ring bearer's will and imaginations so for every Green Lantern in the movie, it's different. Same symbol but different suit."

"And I wasn't going to actually let them rip a suit out of my internal organs and wrap around my body. Although I really wanted the movie, so I might have considered it early on but now we're in," he said.

The Green Lantern, based on the popular DC Comics superhero, is set to hit theaters on June 17, 2011. Unlike many films, most scenes with special effects involved are not filmed in front of a green screen, for obvious reasons.

"Because I'm the Green Lantern, we can't have green screen, clearly, because it would just be a floating head. It's blue screen," Reynolds said. "It's amazing, too. You spend a few weeks in a gigantic blue room, and I'm telling you, you walk out of there and you can't actually feel your life. It is the weirdest experience ever."

Read the entire text at the source link below.

Thanks to Corinne and OnTheRedCarpet.com for sharing this interview.

Source: OnTheRedCarpet.com

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