Otomo Reports From Comic-Con!

Bendis Panel Highlights:

Jeph Loeb showed up and walked into the question line to ask a question unannounced. He asked Bendis if he would be willing to produce and write a couple episodes of the forthcoming Ultimate Spider-Man TV series and Bendis confirmed that he would.

Bendis talked about Scarlet, and how the book starts out on street level but it's going to unfold into an epic 2nd revolution in America.

Alex Maleev and Michael Oeming both work on 6 week schedules to complete their art, so Scarlet and Powers now are going to be coming out every other month, delivering one creator owned Brian Michael Bendis book per month. This represents a level which should be able to come out on time. The next three issues of Powers are already drawn and in the que.

The panel is going to be broadcast as the podcast Word Balloons, so people can listen to the full hour of BMB there.

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