Marvel has provided Comic Related with images from the Spider-Man panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, running from 12:45AM-1:45 PM PST, Sunday, July 25, 2010.

Here is the blurb from the panel listing at

Marvel: Spider-Man-- The hunt has begun and the moment that everyone's been clamoring about is almost here! How much more can everyone's favorite web-slinger take? You've got questions and these people have answers! Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Marvel's talent liaison C. B. Cebulski, and Amazing Spider-Man assistant editor Tom Brennan talk about what's on the horizon for Peter Parker and just what is "Origin of the Species"? There's only one way to find out, True Believers -- attend this panel!

You can watch a replay of Marvel's live blog of the panel here:

Joining the panelists listed above was One Moment in Time artist Paolo Rivera.

Slott says after OMIT There's Origin of the Species written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paul Azaceta: "All kinds of elements will come back, and it will wrap up a lot of things that have been building for a while now.

All the Gauntlet villains will play a part in Origin of the Species. Spider-Man is on the run, possessing something very important that everone wants.

October 2010 sees the end of Brand New Day.

Spider-Man: End of Brand New Day

Stefano Casselli is coming in for art on presumably ASM.

Mac Gargan will be the Scorpion again folliwng BND. There was a teaser image shown of his new suit, but we were not provided with it yet.

Dan Slott will be taking over Amazing Spider-Man (much to this writer's chagrin who is not a fan of Slott and was hoping the rumors of Joe Kelly taking over were true as his was the best Spidey stuff in years!). Humberto Ramos and Marcos Martin will be doing some art on the series in addition to Casselli.

Teaser images shown for 'Big Time', which is the new direction for ASM, which will be coming out twice a month.

Spider-Man: Big Time

Peter Parker will be getting a career soon.

ASM will have 30 pages of story and art in every issue.

This all begins with Amazing Spider-Man #648 in October, which will have a 39-page lead story with an 8-page backup guest starring Spider-Girl.

There is an interview with Paul Tobin (writer for new Spider-Girl series, joined on art by Clayton Henry, beginning in November) up on about the Spider-Girl series.


Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios bring us a 5-issue limited series on Osborn in November, which will deal with Osborn post-Siege.

Spider-Man: Osborn

This October also see a brand new limited Carnage series from writer Zeb Wells and artist Clayton Crain starring Spider-Man and Iron Man.


The panel is opened to questions.

Stay tuned for what happens to the symbiote once it leaves Gargan. Slott teased that many old names would be returning.

Jonathan Hickman is doing a storyline soon in Fantastic Four called "Three" that explores who the FF would choose to replace a fallen member, which Slott hinted could have something to do with the teaser image above.

A lot of Avengers stuff will be present in ASM.

Shang-Chi will appear in Shadowland: Spider-Man and will be back in ASM, and in Secret Avengers.

There are talks about Ben Reilly, nothing set in stone.

Web of Spider-Man is ending soon, but will be replaced with an anthology series.

May Parker is no more. Spider-Girl: The End is truly the end. She won't be appearing in ASM or anywhere else. But if the issue sells out they'll try to bring her back as usual.

ASM will make the jump up to $3.99 per issue because of the extra content.

Spidey's new job is his dream job, and he'll get new toys.

If anyone comes to a Marvel panel next year dressed as Cardiac they'll get swag.

The green and black costume teaser above by Ramos is "a" new costume for him.

Tons more fan questions at the link above.

And that's a wrap!

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