Hope Summers Aids the Next Wave of Mutants

Marvel Comics has announced a new X-Men ongoing series in the wake of Second Coming which will focus on the character of Hope Summers and the slow rebuilding of the mutant race.

Generation Hope will be written by Kieron Gillen and an as yet unknown artist, and will follow on from the recent revelation of five new mutants that appeared on the X-Men's tracking machine Cerebro.

Since 2005's House of M series, the mutant population was reduced from millions to less than 200 due to the chaos magic of the Scarlet Witch but that all changed at the end of Second Coming.

When asked whether the new series would be a traditional teen superhero book, Gillen said that it was 'a more extreme take on that concept'.

"When the X-Men find these new mutants they might not necessarily want to be in training," Gillen revealed. 'This book is about saving the future of the mutant race."

"Something strange is going on," he told Comic Book Resources about the new mutants the X-Men recently discovered. "When they activate they become both a danger to themselves and a danger to the world."

The title will focus on the five newly-discovered mutants as well as titular character Hope Summers, though other members of the core X-Men cast from Uncanny X-Men will appear regularly.

Generation Hope will be published this coming November.

Source: Digital Spy

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