J Michael Straczynski Reads Wonder Woman #601

One of CR's own, Otomo, is in the depts of Comic-Con and had the chance to take in a dramatic reading of Wonder Woman #601 by none other than J Michael Straczynski himself. He was backed up by pro voice actors and did the entire issue radio drama style last night. Otomo describes the issue as "it may be the best issue Ive seen him write". High praise!

Also from over at DC's Source...

The acclaimed writer of SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN sits down with fans for a candid discussion about his upcoming work and his career in comics, movies and television. But the fun doesn't stop there. How about an awesome piece of never-before-seen art? We've got a first look at a key page from this month's WONDER WOMAN #601, by artist Don Kramer.

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