Big News: Chloe Sullivan Comes to the Main DCU

It's early afternoon in lovely San Diego and we're almost at the halfway point of the show, but don't let that fool you into thinking we're done making news. In fact, we've got two images to get your mind whirring as you head into Room 6A for the DC.

That's definitely Jimmy Olsen. But who's that with him? Looks a lot like Chloe Sullivan, doesn't it? It is, and it'll be Chloe's first appearance in the DC Universe proper, as part of the upcoming JIMMY OLSEN co-feature.

Garbage Man? Looks like Aaron Lopresti art. Could this have something to do with the WEIRD WORLDS title we've heard mentioned recently? You're getting warmer.

Let's check in with Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler to shed some more light on these two items and see what else attendees can expect to hear about on the panel. Take it away, Ian:

"DC Universe: Event Horizon is your ticket to all things DCU. We've got a great list of creators joining us and more than a few surprises up our sleeves that you won't find at any other panel. Seriously - I ';m worried we're gonna break the projector with all the slides we have ready for this one. And who knows, the right question at this panel could land you a spot in a future DC Nation. See you there!"

Source: DC Blog

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