Green Lantern Footage Lights up Comic Con

"Green Lantern" lit up Comic-Con on Saturday with the first footage of the film screened to a crowd of 6,000 eliciting a rousing reaction.

Many had camped out overnight outside the San Diego Convention Center, while others stood in line for five hours to grab a seat inside Hall H.

The character is the latest DC Comics property Warner Bros. hopes to launch as a film franchise and entertainment spinoffs across various divisions of the studio.

Since there are still three weeks left to lense the film in New Orleans, a trailer of quick shots that was shown could only reveal a few of the completed shots so far. But the trailer showed more than many had expected today.

The adaptation is director Martin Campbell's first superhero pic "unless you consider James Bond a superhero," he said after having rebooted that franchise twice.

But all eyes were on star Ryan Reynolds, who plays the Air Force pilot-turned green wing-wearing superhero. But Reynolds, who is also attached to play the comicbook character Deadpool, won over the crowd.

"Admittedly, I didn't know as much about the project as some people around here," Reynolds said, but "I want to be as right for the character sas they do and be the right fit."

Reynolds described the character as a combo of Chuck Yeager and Han Solo. "He can throw a punch, tell a joke and kiss the girl," he said, and is excited to continue playing the character in "another movie or three."

Regarding the costume, "it's always a work in progress," Campbell said, but described it as "more of a second skin than costume," with the lines representing musculature.

Ten years ago, DC creative chief Geoff Johns said he was discouraged when an executive asked if the film could be produced without a ring but has been thrilled now with the cast and crew and production.

As for the future launch of other DC comicbook characters, "The success of 'Green Lantern' will lead the charge of everything DC does movie-wise in the future," Johns said.

Warner Bros. also excited the crowd with a new extended trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and on stage appearance by Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, making his first showing at the Con.

But it was the first official look at Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" that may leave Comic-Con with the most lasting impression, namely for its mix of fantasy elements like dragons, robots, samurai, old fighter planes and cast of twentysomething women living in an insane asylum wielding swords and guns and dancing Moulin Rouge-style.

Film has been described as "Alice in Wonderland" with machine guns in the past and that certainly fits the pic.

Either way, the montage from the March release is exactly the the type of film that has struck a must-see reaction from Hall H and spread instantaneous positive word-of-mouth.

"I wanted to make a movie that wasn't based on a breakfast cereal or super glue" ... "In eye-popping 2D," said Snyder who launched "300" and "Watchmen" from the Con in the past.

Source: Variety

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