CBLDF Announces Stunning Comic-Con Auction Update

New original art by Paul Pope, David Petersen, Jill Thompson and more has been added to the CBLDF Comic-Con Auction, happening tonight in Room 3 of the San Diego Convention Center at 7:30! To make sure all our donors have a chance to bid, absentee bids will be accepted up to 5 PM Pacific time!

The list of new items is:

1. Paul Pope, Orion original art
2. Jill Thompson, Beasts of Burden original painting from CBLDF Master Session
3. Duncan Rouleau, The Thinker
4. Paul Pope, Homage to Hamlet from CBLDF Master Session
5. Paul Pope, Battle of the Planets from CBLDF Master Session
6. Paul Pope, Pulp Hope, out of print book, signed
7. Dan Brereton, Color painting
8. Marco Cinello, Soul Kiss original art 1
9. Marco Cinello, Soul Kiss original art 2
10. Tom Hodges, Classic Wonder Woman drawing
11. Ale Garza, Supergirl from Drink! Draw! Dance!
12. Oliver Nome, Wolverine from Drink! Draw! Dance!
13. David Petersen, Mouse Guard original page

Check out the new additions and auction rules here: cbldf.org/homepage/cbldfs-comic-con-auction-preview/

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