DnA Tease a Thor and Iron Man Mini Series

Marvel Comics writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will soon begin a four-issue miniseries focusing on the characters of Iron Man and Thor.

The pair, commonly known as DnA, presently look after the majority of Marvel Comics' cosmic titles including Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and the current event The Thanos Imperative.

The miniseries, titled Iron Man/Thor, was pitched as a way to contrast the opposing aspects of technology (Iron Man) and mythology (Thor) that exist in each character's normal titles.

"They're characters who could easily fall into our cosmic beat plus we've been fans of these characters forever," Abnett told Comics Book Resources. "The series also has the feeling that magic and science are more related than people assume."

The miniseries will focus on Iron Man and Thor facing off with longtime Avengers villain the High Evolutionary as well as some other supporting characters yet to be announced.

The series is to be pencilled by Scott Eaton and will be published in November.

Source: Digital Spy

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