News from the San Diego Comic-Con International Batman Panel

First teased on DC's blog, The Source, then of course revealed in the panel itself, some interesting things to note came out of the Batman panel this afternoon, including the announcement of a new Batman title penned by Grant Morrison. Also, in an interview, Dan DiDio teased that there will be more than one Batman once Bruce returns.

Here's the promotional blurb for the panel:

Batman: The Return-- As the Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne rages on, follow the Bat-Signal to this panel and uncover clues about the future of the Dark Knight from some of the A-list talent behind the publishing line. If you think you know where this story's headed -- Think again! Hear it here from group editor Mike Marts, Paul Dini (Batman: Streets of Gotham), David Finch (Batman), Grant Morrison (Batman & Robin), Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Streets of Gotham), and others.

In addition to the names listed in the blurb above, the panel also featured Bryan Q. Miller (Batgirl), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey), Scott Snyder (Detective Comics), Paul Cornell (Knight and Squire), Frazer Irving (Batman & Robin), and Judd Winick (Batman: Under the Red Hood).

After the panel was introduced, Morrison joined the panel and Mike Marts began making announcements:

Tony Daniel is now the permanent writer and artist on Batman.

Peter Tomasi will be taking over the writing chores on Batman & Robin.

Scott Snyder is now writing Detective Comics.

Paul Cornell is writing a Knight and Squire mini-series.

JH Williams III will be writing and drawing a Batwoman comic.

And David Finch will be writing and drawing Dark Knight.

Alex Segura informed us of the new title by Morrison called Batman Inc., which features art by Yanick Paquette on The Source blog. But beyond that, he gave us no details. Morrison, however, filled in some blanks during the panel. The book will be a team book that will see Batman teaming up with other characters, ala Batman: Brave and the Bold, which may be the reason why that book was canceled as we proposed on Zone 4 today. The book is debuting in November.

Again on The Source, group editor Mike Marts added this:

"Everything's been leading to this. Bruce Wayne made his long journey home in THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. Then Gotham City's protector came back in BATMAN: THE RETURN. Now comes BATMAN INC.-the next phase of the Dark Knight as only mastermind writer Grant Morrison could imagine it. Joined on art by Yanick Paquette, this brand-new monthly series starring Batman and an unexpected supporting cast is sure to shock and surprise!"

Then the discussion went to each panel member talking about their individual titles. Winick talked about the Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD (which was reviewed here).

Cornell said he's creating a bunch of British heroes and villains in Knight and Squire.

Snyder said he ws taking Detective Comics back to the "basics with a twist", which will also feature back-up stories with Commissioner Gordon.

Dini talked about his new arc in Streets of Gotham called "House of Hush" that is a "long, involved sequel to 'Heart of Hush'" dealing with a gangster fresh out of jail after decades of serving time who has a grudge against Bruce and wants to kill him. It's a 5-6 month long arc.

Dimone teased that the identity of the White Canary would be revealed soon. She also announced that Alvin Lee (Deadpool) would be doing a Birds of Prey story with her soon.

Miller said they were building a rogues gallery for Batgirl, and that would she would soon be the proud owner and nurturer of a car and a dog respectively.

After a few more minor notes, the panel was opened to questions from the attendees.

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