Comic Related may not be there physically, but we are there in every other way possible! Last year, though we did have Chuck on the floor sending us photos and blogging, we largely did a massive "we're not there" stream of coverage that had tons of you visiting the site constantly and never leaving after. And we deeply and sincerely thank you for that.

This year we are stepping up that coverage to the best of our abilities, putting the entire CR team on it, bringing you every bit of news we can find and can possibly have time to get out to you, our faithful readers.

But, because of the huge volume of stories we will be posting throughout the next few days, stories will be quickly falling off the front page making you look for them.

Well have no fear, we have a solution! Just like last year, we are archiving each and every story into a nice little hub for you, so you can just go to one single page if you want and read every piece of Comic-Con 2010 news we post.

For ease of access, here's the link:

Once this story has run its course, though, you can easily find the hub by clicking CONVENTIONS in the right sidebar and you'll see links to our archive pages for all this year's cons we are doing coverage for, the first one being San Diego Comic-Con.

And it's as simple as that. Keep an eye on that page, bookmark it, read it often as it will be updating with lightning speed all weekend long!

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