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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Next year, I'm going to Comic-Con. Well San Diego, sucks missing it the last two years when there was a chance I could get in. I've been to New York twice and various other conventions and honestly, it's the most comfortable I've been in my life.

Comic Cons are awesome because if you're a fan of comics or pop culture you fit right in. You can hang out with awesome creators and make some new friends along the way. I cannot wait for, October personally, and getting back to New York.

Any con I've gone to has really felt like being right at home.

This strip was done all by Lisa and Brant and I'm sure Brant would like to say something about it.

From the desk of Brant W. Fowler

Thanks Eric. I was asked to do some strips for the NCD collection coming up, and this was one of the ideas I came up with. It didn't make the book, but as Comic-Con was rolling around it just was perfect for the occasion. So I asked the team, then set out to illustrate my script. I even inked it, but my scan sucked, so Lisa went above and beyond by digitally re-inking it and laying down some beautiful colors.

The strip is actually two ideas rolled into one. You have you're regular 4 panel gag that works well all on its own. But I wanted to toss a shout-out to CR and our own strip, It's All Related, which will return before the year's end. It was the strip that inspired NCD, so I thought it was appropo to honor it in such a way.

All of the CR partners (from left to right in that last panel, John, myself, Chuck and Darren) are music fans as well, and we've joked about rolling into Comic-Con like rock stars. So that part of this was hugely an inside joke to the entire CR extended family, but I like to think it works in the grand scheme of things as well. (And thanks to Darren for helping me with the wording of that last panel, btw).

So I hope you enjoy the Beatles Abbey Road homage there and dig the strip as a whole. You'll see those four popping up again very soon in IAR!

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