Devil's Due at Comic-Con 2010



It's our favorite time of year boys and girls - yup, San Diego Comic-Con week! We'll be heading out tomorrow to get the ball rolling and make sure everything's in place, and that much sequential art love is properly bestowed upon the masses.

This year we owe a huge thanks to, SkyVu Pictures and iHeartcomix for working with us to make the booth at comic-con possible. For those of you who follow the comic industry gossip, you know we left our distributor Diamond this month, and that things haven't been so easy, but our partners we've teamed with stepped up to the plate, and this Comic-Con is going to be one of our biggest yet.

First, is going to be showing off their digital comic reader software, signing up new people for some pretty cool incentives, and spreading the good word, not to mention a nice batch of Devil's Due digital comics (as well as my persona project, MerchGirl).

Saturday we're teaming with iHeartcomix record label and DJ Franki Chan to throw our second PopCult party in SDCC (and our 4th nationwide). This time featuring a performance by Holy Ghost and video superstar DJ Mike Relm. You can RSVP here on facebook, and get your early registration here.

A huge thanks to our sponsors MASLEN ENTERTAINMENT and SCION. Without these guys it wouldn't be happening! Everyone knows Scion of course, and Maslen is the studio behind Shmitty McFunkle & Stump.

This event is likely to sell out, so get your ticket now before it's too late!

We'll be giving away FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS for the Hack/Slash - Mercy Sparx: A Slice of Hell crossover, and MerchGirl Chapter 1, only available at the con!

Last but not least, SkyVu Pictures will be there in force. Who is SkyVu, you ask? They're the makers of the hit iPhone game Battle Bears (soon to be a digitally exclusive comic as well). If you're one of the millions of fans of this game, you won't have to look very hard to spot the life size pink HUGGABLE bear walking around. Just please don't shoot its head off in an attempt to see rainbow explosions.

The clock is ticking! Time to go. Can't wait to see everyone there!

-Josh Blaylock
Devil's Due

Retailers can now Directly Order from DDP

Any retailers who wish to order from us direct may now email Please note that we'll be at Comic-Con all this week, but will reply as soon as possible. Also, if you'd like to swing by the booth to place an order, we are happy to work with you on site. Just ask for Josh or Sam!

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