Kirby Krackle Invades San Diego Comic Con

Our friends Kyle and Jim of Kirby Krackle were cranking out the pics via their twitter feed last night so we contacted them asking if we could share them with the readership of CR. They said sure and here's the first gallery from Preview Night in San Diego...

Our new lady friend.
ROCKWT WORLD vinyls...
with real material shirts
Kyle has the power!

STAN WINSTON school booth..
Keep it strong!
Oh shhhyyyaaattt!

Charge up!
What the what? LANTERNS?!
Image booth

Come by booth #1803 at SDCC to grab our $20 con exclusive shirt!
Booth all set up...look ok? Now time for grub! - Jim & Kyle
Awesome Colossus statue
For all you Trekkies out there, check out the cool sign Red Shirt cologne

Tron coming at ya'!
Our view for the next 5 days. Peach Gummies? CHECK! Waters? GOT EM. Still love comics? ASK US SUNDAY. ;) Let's go!
SCOTT PILGRIM screenprinting "make your own shirt" promo set up...

Destroyer of Worlds!
Visual interpretation of "One Of The Guys" by artist BOB RENZAS ( booth F3/4)

All Captions by the Band!
Visit the guys online at!

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