Golden and Texeira SDCC Bound!
Eva Ink Artists in Two Locations

The big show is only a week away, and Michael Golden and Mark Texeira are confirming their attendance at the mind-numbing event that has become the big SDCC!

After taking a break last year, Golden is back for what may end up being a rare SDCC appearance. This year he'll be making the SDCC debut of his new sketchbook: "Michael Golden's MORE Heroes and Villains," the follow-up to the successful sketchbook "Heroes and Villains" of last year. "MORE" features new sketches and old favorites, without repeating any work from previous books!

Signed copies of the volume as well as sketch editions will be available. In addition, Golden will be selling a limited amount of original art, NEVER before made available to the public. (If you'd like to see any of it before the show, contact Renee at the address below as well.)

Michael Golden will be at the Naked Fat Rave Booth, #4601, along with Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, J. Scott Campbell, Bruce Timm, Phil Noto, Amanda Conner, Renee Witterstaetter, Skottie Young and David Finch.

Fine art painter and illustrator, Mark Texeira, will also be returning to San Diego, and this year will be sitting at the Big Wow Art booth, #4902. Mark will be sketching and selling his sketchbook, "Babes and Brawn."

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