Carpet Bomb Comics Faction and Citizens Issue 1
to make a SPLASH at San Diego Comic Con

Carpet Bomb Comics, formed in 2009 by Erik Hendrix and Michael Nelsen, are launching their first two books, Faction issue 1 and Citizens issue 1, at San Diego Comic Con this year at Arcana Booth 2415! Commemorating this special event, Citizens has an SDCC Exclusive cover to Citizens issue 1, limited to 300 copies. Don't miss your chance to meet the creators, have copies of the book signed, and, of course, pick up the regular and exclusive copies.

Not going to be at SDCC? That's ok! You can pick up a copy of both books at

Faction Issue 0 -
Faction Issue 1 -
Citizens Issue 1 -

Stores can also order copies of the book at a discount through Haven (! Just email or call
1-877-428-3650 to order these or any other books Haven carries for your store!

Faction Issue 0 - FACTDIM000
Faction Issue 1 - FACTCAR001
Citizens Issue 1 - CITZCAR001

Want to know more? Here are descriptions of the issues.

Faction Issue 1 - $3.99 - Beginnings and Endings Part 1 of 4. Winner of Small Press Idol 2009, Carpet Bomb Comics' Faction is back with the first issue of the regular series in FULL COLOR. Taking place immediately following the events of the successful Faction #0, Acker, now a Knight in the Society of the Enlightened, along with Gabriel, Abigail, and the rest of the Knights, must face their past on the rain-drenched road to the Blood Lord, the mysterious head of a dangerous new Faction. Plus: What's the secret history between Acker and Abigail? By Erik Hendrix, Arnie Gordon, Ibrahim Moustafa, Jon Bolerjack, Giuseppe Pica, and Michael Nelsen. Read more and see sample artwork at

The Citizens Issue 1 - Standard Cover ($3.99) - THE GILDED AGE PART 1 of 4 - Carpet Bomb Comics Present The Citizens! Those in possession of power have decided the best way to protect humanity, is to control humanity, by any means they deem necessary. Tired of this totalitarian action, and sitting idly by while those who have sworn to save lives have taken a dark turn, Kenneth Hastings must enlist some old friends if he hopes to set things right, even if they resist the call. This is the first issue in a twelve-part twisting saga of death, mystery, passion, change, and the invention of a new age of heroes. By Erik Hendrix, Michael Nelsen, and Ibrahim Moustafa. Read more and see sample artwork at



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