Connie W. Siu has announced the formation of The Graphic Novel Company

The company works with clients such as screenwriters, producers and directors who have film or television projects that can benefit from being released in sequential storytelling format.

"We bridge the gap between the Hollywood entertainment community and the world of graphic novel and comic-book publishing," Siu said. "Our primary goal is to give our clients a format in which to release their projects. We provide all of the services needed to take scripts or treatments to complete graphic novels or pitch packages for submission to publishers.

"The list of highly successful films that were first launched in print form, where they gained exposure and critical acclaim, continues to grow exponentially," Siu enthused. She noted that films generated from graphic novels now span all genres, from drama to dark comedy and action.

"Successful films such as Wanted, Road to Perdition, Persepolis, 300, Ghost World, Hellboy and Sin City, all began as book projects. And of course there are all the superhero flicks based on comics and GNs."

"We work with proven talent and have direct contact with publishing houses," Siu said. "Several projects, from full-color graphic novels to less extensive ';pitch packages' for submission to publishers via our agents, are already in the works."

Siu, who is also the Executive Director of the Previsualization Society, holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She has held numerous positions in the film industry for companies such as Artist Management Group and Dreamworks, and began her career working in the game industry for Sega Games and Namco. She has strong ties to the graphic novel and comic-book worlds and will be at Comic-Con Thursday through Sunday.

Additional information can be found at the company's website,

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