Radical Publishing Comic-Con Schedule

Creators Panel
Thursday July 22
Time: 2pm - 3pm
Location: Room 32AB

Hosted by Harry Knowles (AintItCoolNews.com) featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Rick Remender, Peter Milligan, Matt Cirulnick, David Hine, Arvid Nelson, Nick Percival and Keith Arem!

Booth #3735 Signing Schedule

Thursday: A special EARP: SAINTS FOR SINNERS signing with Matt Cirulnick, M. Zachary Sherman and Kyushik Shin; plus signings from Jimmy Palmiotti, Nick Percival, David Hine and Rick Remender!

Friday: Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Gulacy, David Hine, Arvid Nelson, Peter Milligan, Rick Remender and Keith Arem.

Saturday: A special AFTER DARK signing with Antoine Fuqua, Wesley Snipes and Peter Milligan; an OBLIVION signing with Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson; THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME signing with Producer and star Sam Worthington and Creator and Writer Rick Remender; and DAMAGED and PATRIOTS signing with creators Michael Schwarz and John Schwarz (Full Clip Productions).

Sunday: David Hine, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Gulacy and Nick Percival.

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