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Aloha Aspen Fans!

As some of you have noticed, there is a brand new and an ultra shiny and new! We carefully researched and developed both sites with you, our fans, in mind. We listened to the things you all had to say and the result, if we may be so bold, is nothing short of spectacular. And more changes are on the way, so keep checking back!

The new has a host of fan friendly features that are sure to enhance your shopping experience. We've added a much better and refined search system, streamlined the one page check out page, included bigger product images, a wishlist feature and made it VERY easy to share the cool products we have to offer with your friends and family. Because really, the only thing better then getting yourself Aspen stuff is getting Aspen stuff as a gift!

One more BIG feature we rolled out with our new site is our rewards program. We really feel that you, our fans, are the life blood of Aspen Comics. We do what we do for you and there is no two ways about it. That said, we've developed a sweet program that will let you collect rewards points for every purchase you make on The points will be redeemable for discounts on future purchases. It's our way of saying thank you for the years of loyalty you have blessed us with. We'll be focusing on the rewards program in an upcoming email so for now, keep an eye on those points and be ready to get what you deserve!

Aspen Comics is gearing up for next week's San Dieg Comic Con International, and this month is THE month for getting your orders in for the new ASPEN MATTHEWS STATUE, so be sure and get your order in with your local comic book store or through!


Chris Rupp

WET Magazine
(419) 332-8682

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Designed by Michael Turner; Sculpted by Dene Mason, An Aspen MLT Inc. exclusive release!

The first new Fathom statue in over 10 years has arrived! Showcasing Fathom's premiere heroine Aspen Matthews, this stunning work of art is truly a sight to behold! As mesmerizing as she is beautiful, Aspen raises the bar to all-new heights on hand-sculpted creations! Measuring over 16" inches tall and an over 10" wide wingspan, this full size statue is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection. Designed by artist Michael Turner, and sculpted by Dene Mason, this is easily one of the most intricately detailed statues ever produced! With the previous Grace statue being an instant sell out, and the Kiani statue being awarded statue of the year honors, we don't expect Aspen to stick around long! The production run will be strictly set to orders received so please act now, we want to ensure that the demand will be met on this exquisite work of art! The definitive Aspen statue is here, and the world of collectible sculptures will never be the same again!

PRE-ORDER through your local store using the code JUL100804, in the current issue of Previews Catalog. Check with your local comic book store for more details, or go to to locate the closest comic book store to you.

You can also pre-order through, Aspen Exclusive Pre-order Statue Numbers available: Numbers 26-250. Matching numbers to previous Fathom Kiani statues available by request, if you have previously ordered statues through AspenStore you will get first chance at the matching number. Statue number request is available NO WHERE ELSE but the!

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August 27-29 FAN EXPO CANADA
October 29-31 Long Beach Comic Expo

Written by Michael Turner, J.T. Krul
Art by Michael Turner, Joe Benitez
Colors by Peter Steigerwald

Michael Turner's SOULFIRE is one of today's most popular comic book titles, and Aspen is proud to offer you the second Hardcover Edition, featuring part 2 of SOULFIRE Volume 1. This special publication collects together the finale issues 6 - 10 of SOULFIRE, along with Joe Benitez's first ever SOULFIRE tale from the pages of Aspen Seasons. Adding to its appeal, this special hardcover also contains a complete cover gallery including the last illustrated covers by SOULFIRE creator Michael Turner, making it a must have for any comic book collector!

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Also available in SIGNED Slipcase Editon;
Michael Turner; Jeph Loeb; J.T. Krul - story
Peter Steigerwald - Colors

An Aspen Comics exclusive!

This slipcase edition includes BOTH Soulfire Volume 1 Part 1 HC and Soulfire Volume 1 Part 2 HC.

This special edition of the Soulfire Hardcover comes surrounded by a brand-new, beautifully fully illustrated slipcase by iconic Soulfire creator Michael Turner and legendary colorist Peter Steigerwald! A highly limited edition of only 500 produced slipcase copies, each slipcase will come hand signed and numbered by both Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. As well, each signed and numbered slipcase will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity created especially for this very rare slipcase version.

Plus as an unannounced bonus, this slipcase has been designed to hold not just Soulfire HC Volume 1 Part 1, but also Soulfire HC Volume 1 Part 2 and now it includes BOTH volumes ready to come home and live on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Less than 50 are available through and contains BOTH hardcovers of the Soulfire Volume 1 epic.

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For those of you who don't know, AspenMLT (eBay id) is offering rare and long out of print Aspen Prints, and highly low numbered ones too. Not only do you get the chance to own these extremely hard to find prints, you also get an exclusive Aspen Online Auction mini-print, available nowhere else! Be sure and check them out every week for the chance to get some of the rarest Aspen prints produced, along with other great Aspen products! AspenMLT

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