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Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS! Just two weeks left til HeroesCon 2010, so much still to do! Just check out all this news, there's so much of it, are you ready? Are you wearing your safety harness? Not just the belt, go ahead and put the whole thing on their. Maybe a crash helmet too. Okay, let's go:

The first thing is this:

Behold, milords and ladies, the 2010 HeroesCon Advance Ticket Incentive, free to everyone who purchases an advance 3-day pass before 9pm on May 31st! This exclusive piece by Mike Mignola will be signed and numbered in a limited edition on fancy-dan print paper that is going to make your walls look ghoulishly amazing.

Here's the catch: there is no catch! Just buy a 3-day pass before the cutoff, and this beauty will be waiting for you at the convention center when you check-in at the show! The last few year's prints (by Bill Sienkiewicz in 2009 and Phil Noto in 2008) were pretty big runs, so there's a fair chance your prints won't be ready for you RIGHT when you show up. Mike has to sign all of them, after all.

Best of all, we give these out in the order the tickets are purchased, so the earlier you bought your pass, the lower your number will be! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, head over to the Tickets page of our site to get the skinny on how to do it!

What the heck??? Kate Beaton of the insanely popular Hark! A Vagrant webcomic did our Indie Island shirt this year, and it's a doozy! These will be on sale at the convention itself, in both American Apparel and Gildan styles, men's and ladies sizes! How about that! That aqua in the background is the shirt color itself, and let me tell you: you are going to look so good in it! All the pirates on your street are gonna be like NUH-UH!! They're being printed by our friends at Contagious Graphics, who are pretty much the best screenprinters ever--if you are looking for quality screenprinting, it would be hard to over-recommend them.

IF we have any shirts left after the convention, we'll sell them to you by mail order, but I have to say I really expect this thing to sell insanely well, so you're best bet is to either come to HeroesCon and buy one, or send your cabin boy in your stead.

But what? You don't wear t-shirts? You have too much CLASS for a t-shirt?? Well how about a fancy-dan, high quality, suitable for framing, signed and numbered limited edition PRINT of said image? Ahoy webmaster, load that image:

Looks fancy to me! Printed on heavy cardstock, this little gem will be signed by Kate herself and on sale at the show for $10 a pop. Or you can get one afterwards by "mail." If you're currently berthed on a pirate raider, or are a pirate ghost chained to the mast of the Queen Anne's Revenge -- well, you made your pirate bed. Now pillage in it!

Boom! Studios is coming to HeroesCon this year LOADED FOR BEAR! They're camping out in a massive fortress-like block of booths, and will have FIVE different HeroesCon exclusive covers available! Whattt??? I'll pepper this post with those images, but the get-a-sketch covers (the white ones) will get you a sketch (see how that works) from artists Allen Gladfelter (Cars), Amy Mebberson (Muppet Show Comic Book), or Travis Hill (Toy Story)!

And just look at all the PEOPLE they're bringing! Probably most familiar to HeroesCon goers will be Mark Waid, enormously popular writer and editor of everything from Kingdom Come to Spider-Man to Flash to Captain America and a million more! These days he's Editor-In-Chief at Boom!, and writes the hit books Incorruptible and the newly Eisner-nominated Irredeemable!

While Mark is a regular at HeroesCon and one of our favorite regulars at that, this year is extra special because it's the first time Mark and his Irredeemable collaborator Peter Krause will be doing a con appearance together! Super awesome. Besides his current work on Irredeemable, Peter has also worked all over comics on books including Flash, Power of Shazam, and Superman!

Boom! is super organized--they were nice enough to send complete (and exciting!) bios for all the pros they're bringing as well--check out this roll-call of talent!

THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK/MUPPET PETER PAN's Amy MebbersonAmy Mebberson's biggest tours of artistic duty are 5 years with Walt Disney Animation Australia, followed by two graphic novels for TOKYOPOP. Her work with BOOM! Studios includes MONSTERS INC., MUPPET PETER PAN and countless covers for other Disney/Pixar and Muppet titles. Born in Sydney, Amy Mebberson is currently living and working in Oregon.

TOY STORY's Travis HillTravis Hill soaks up the sun in Orlando, Florida. His artistic debut with BOOM! Studios began in the pages of Disney/Pixar's Cars. With a tool-belt of experience in interactive and edutainment, publishing, licensing, performance, writing, illustration/design, and comics -- he is currently a Producer in the video game industry and the father of a fledgling movie-geek.

CARS' Allen GladfelterAllen Gladfelter lives and draws comics in Boise, Idaho. It's a comfortable place tucked on the opposite expanse of the vast high desert from the locale of Radiator Springs. The people are kind and energetic, Boise life is smooth and comfortable, my family is supportive and my friends are close at hand. What better way to pass the days than to amuse children with fun drawings of cartoon cars? Life is good.

28 DAYS LATER's Michael Alan NelsonMichael Alan Nelson is known for his work on such BOOM! Studios titles as 28 DAYS LATER and FALL OF CTHULHU, as well as creating supernatural thrillers HEXED and DINGO. In 2004, Nelson won the NEW TIMES 55 Fiction Contest for his short story "The Conspirators" and was tagged as a talent to watch by horror tastemaker RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE. Nelson lives and writes in Los Angeles.

28 DAYS LATER's Declan ShalveyDeclan Shalvey received much acclaim in the UK comics scene after winning an Eagle Award for his first published work HERO KILLERS in 2007. The Irish artist has since illustrated chapters of the series FREAK SHOW and a graphic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN for UK publisher ClassicalComics. His work with BOOM! Studios on 28 DAYS LATER marks his American comics debut.

MR. STUFFINS' Johanna StokesJohanna Stokes is a screenwriter and comic book writer who has worked on such projects as the EUREKA television series. Her work for BOOM! Studios is extensive, ranging from zombie comedy with DEATH VALLEY to historical drama with GALVESTON to who-done-it murder mystery with STATION. Stokes currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

FARSCAPE's Keith DeCandidoKeith R.A. DeCandido has authored Farscape novel HOUSE OF CARDS, as well as short stories that appeared in FARSCAPE: THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE and the FARSCAPE role-playing game. For BOOM! Studios, Keith has helped in writing all of the FARSCAPE books, including the UNCHARTED TALES series featuring the adventures of Ka D'Argo.

FARSCAPE's Will SlineyWill Sliney initially worked as a 3D and storyboard artist, and from there he was able to begin his comic book career illustrating several Irish and British graphic novels. Soon after, he moved to Canada to break into the American market. His work with BOOM! Studios includes FARSCAPE: STRANGE DETRACTORS and the FARSCAPE ongoing series.

Would you like even more additions to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List? Okay I'll do it! Joe Jusko, as pictured above on his magical wheel-less skateboard, is silver-sailing his way back to HeroesCon this year. Joe's super duper famous as a cover and pinup painter, notably on books like Silver Surfer, Punisher, Savage Sword of Conan, and 1,000,000 trading cards. You can also see his famous She-Hulk pinup LIVE AND IN PERSON for the rest of the month, as part of the SUPER! The Fine Art Of Comics show still up at 22 here in Charlotte. It's pretty impressive stuff.

Roy Thomas is no stranger to fans of HeroesCon: the former Marvel Editor-In-Chief, Alter Ego Editor-In-Chief, and writer of comics including Conan, Amazing Spider-Man, and more recently the Marvel Illustrated series of classic adapations will be appearing Saturday only this year!

J.D Arnold is the writer of the new BB Wolf And The Three LP's from Top Shelf, and a first-time comics writer and HeroesCon guest!

Rich Barrett has been a guest at our Charlotte Minicon, but this will be his very first HeroesCon as a full-on guest. We'll see how he handles THREE DAYS of promoting his awesome webcomic Nathan Sorry.

Pat Broderick has worked in comics for decades, on titles like Micronauts, Alpha Flight, Firestorm, Captain Atom, Batman, and a ton more! I think this is his first trip back to HeroesCon since 2005 or 2006, so it's super good to see him again!

Dana Hayward is digital content manager for HarperCollins Children's Books. And as an independent designer and letterer she's worked on some of the hottest manga and graphic novels around, including Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, the Evo Tournament, and the Terry Brooks Shannara graphic novel, Dark Wraith of Shannara. She's also one of the people that make the show possible with her tireless help and advice!

Steve Saffel is the U.S. editor for Titan Books, the London-based popular culture publisher. His book The Best of Simon and Kirby is up for an Eisner Award, and he has four big books coming this summer: Jim Lee: Icons, The Art of Drew Struzan, Beetle Bailey 1965, and The Simon and Kirby Superheroes. As a fiction editor, he works on science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other genre novels, and in his spare time he wrote Spider-Man: The Icon. Steve is also an insanely helpful guy at the convention--it's hard to imagine what we'd do without him and Dana (his wife) (sorry dudes).

Chris Pitzer is an old friend of ours, and a big help around con time believe me. He's also a hot-snot publisher lately, with works like Afrodisiac (by fellow guest Jim Rugg), The Ancient Book of Sex And Science (by fellow guest Scott Morse), Process Recess and Pulphope (by James Jean and Paul Pope respectively), and his own series of critically acclaimed anthologies, Project: Superior, Romance, etc.! Whew!

Art Director at one of the hottest SFX houses in Hollywood, Blur Studios, Chuck Wojtkiewicz got his start in North Carolina at Artamus Studios where he drew Justice League for DC and then Imperial Guard for Marvel. Great to have him back!

CGC might be the most-asked about exhibitor at HeroesCon every year--people are interested! Well these many interested parties will be super excited to know that CGC will be back at HeroesCon this year! The Comics Guaranty Company is pretty much the standard for high-order grading and preserving of comics, in a sense "locking" the condition so that if you ever need to sell a book or get an insurance quote or whatnot, a respected grader has taken care of it for you. For a fee of course, but hey--this is America.

I need to check with Shelton to see if they'll be doing "live" grading, but I bet they'll be accepting books at their booth, which they will ship back to you after the grading process. From what I hear, it's a HUGELY labor-intensive process, and thus an expensive one to take on the road to cons. I'll stick an update in here when I find out for sure!

--UPDATE--Textmaster Shelton Drum just sent me this note:

"CGC won't be doing on-site grading, but will be taking submissions, especially signature series stuff, certifying autographs by all of our attending pros on their comics (for a fee). For instance, the Steve Niles' signature on the HeroesCon exclusive Mystery Society #1 variants! How about those sketch-cover BOOM! Studios HeroesCon 2010 variants? Deadpool Corps #1 with a special Liefeld mini-print? You betcha! Plus all your old stuff and mint new stuff too!"

Man, sounds like Shelton's referring to a bunch of stuff we still need to announce, eh? I smell some more (sigh) blogging!

The above image is a pinup Todd Nauck did (!!!) especially for our HeroesCon 2010 Art Auction! Pretty insane. The auction itself will get cranked up as usual after the show on Saturday, June 5. We'll say more before then, but we just had to share this image with youse guys.

But we also wanted to let you know that (most) of the Small Press locations are now up. Note the following things:

1) All of these locations are subject to change without notice! Give us a couple of days to kick the tires, correct any errors, etc., before you start printing up stuff with your table number on it. Especially tables numbered along the back wall--I will likely fiddle with those table numbers as I get everything just so.

2) We're expanding Artists Alley over last year's diagram, so you'll note that there are tables referred to (the 100 and 800 aisles, especially) that don't exist on the current diagram. Don't get yourself into an existential crisis! I'll have a new diagram up, maybe tomorrow if the stars align (they never do).

3) Any locations that still list as "XX-XX" have not been assigned yet. We see them! We haven't forgotten you--how could we ever forget you?

Okay! We'll likely be posting more updates throughout the weekend--in the meantime, have a great one!

Comic Related will be on hand celebrating
the show in Charlotte again in 2010!

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