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Where's Dan Jurgens Going?

Those readers asking where Dan Jurgens will go next, after the announcement of Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Chris Batista as the new creative team on Booster Gold later in the year, had an answer delivered in a kind of circuitous way by DC's The Source blog on January 15.

(Sorry for the delay in follow-up, but I was out of town at the time.)

It appears as though Jurgens, along with Tony Bedard, has been announced as one of the writers running DC's upcoming weekly DC Universe: Legends, a weekly series tying into the upcoming Sony Online Entertainment DC Universe Online massive, multiplayer online game. After the announcement, DC released a link to an IGN interview with Executive Editor Dan DiDio, who revealed that Jurgens, along with Tony Bedard, was one of the writers on the series, which doesn't yet have a release date or a timetable attached to it.

Jurgens and Bedard are currently unavailable for interviews, presumably for the same reason that DiDio had so few details to offer. Jurgens indicated that the project was an exciting one, and when he's been cleared to talk more about it, we'll have more details here. The future of Dan Jurgens and Booster Gold was discussed during this month's Gold Exchange column

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