Episode #178 (1 hour, 29 min, 34 sec)

Featured Interview: Dante Shepherd
Interviewed by Chuck Moore

Surviving the World is a webcomic focusing on all shades of life, from science to literature, politics to sports, romance to religion, and everything else in between. Surviving the World is the creation of Dante Shepherd and began on May 31, 2008 at the Fred Paulson Institute in Wincheck City, Pennsylvania. It runs seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Topic for Commentary

We almost had one.

Show Notes From
John Wilson's Outside the Panels

Tron 2 spoilers
Leo thinks 2001 is essential
Evil Wil Wheaton returns to Big Bang
Speilberg on Tin Tin
Dark Knight pirate jailed
Buckley connected to Captain America
More animated DC planned
Bendis talks Avengers #1
Flash Rebirth concludes
Tank Girl on PSP
Lucky Kid File
Sketch Blog
Comics for Cures

Show Notes From
Brant Fowler's Related Warp Wrap

1 DC Managerial Shift

1 New England Comic-Con Dates

1 Wizard and Avatar Partner Up

1 The Last Zombie

1 Latest from Oni Press

1 External Link: 5 Questions on DC News

1 External Link: Marvel Power Couples

1 Interview: Razor Blade Apple's Angel Fuentes

1 Column: Why I Love Comics - Mass Effect 2

1 Column: Off the Shelf - Sentences

1 Column: Indy-Pendant Week 28

1 Column: TV Party - Human Target

1 Column: Watching the Eclipse - The Wall

1 Hot Shot of the Week: Doomwar #1

1 Review: Deadworld: Slaughterhouse TPB

1 Podcast: Zone 4 #48

1 Podcast: Raynman Power Hour #8

1 Webcomic: I'm Not From Here

1 Webcomic: New Comic Day

1 From the Forums: Poopsheet@Staple

1 From the Forums: Midnight Fiction

1 From the Forums: John's Sketch Card Challenge


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