Dave Ryan Joins Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys is happy to announce the addition of Dave Ryan, our first dedicated sales agent, to the team. His knowledge of the indie scene and specifically independent comic book and toy stores in both the NY area and southern California makes him the perfect first salesman. While Dave will be working in sales, we expect that his impact will be more far-reaching than that and his addition will allow Shocker's partners to shift focus back to brand and line management without a negative impact on sales or our relationships with the independent retailers who make Shocker's existence possible.

As a company that keeps sales and distribution in-house, we understand the necessity to keep in tune with the independently owned and operated stores that sell our products and we know Dave will be able to do that as we continue to grow. Dave will be attending Toy Fair in February along with partners Geoff and Lance. Meetings are being scheduled and if you'd like to get in touch feel free to contact Dave directly at daveryan@shockertoys.com.

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