Beard Growing Contest

Reviewed by R. Krauss

Beard Growing Contest
By Raighne Hogan
Printed on recycled paper
3.5" x 2.5", handmade with saddle-stitch binding
12 b&w pages with a color cover
Numbered, limited edition mini comic
Published by 2D Cloud

For sale ($3) at:

If you're looking for a funny, off-center, handmade mini comic, I don't think you could do much better than Raighne Hogan's Beard Growing Contest . The little book is oozing with charm. It's a treat to handle and read, and the payoff punchline is a hoot.

It comes with a tiny, wooden clothes pin to hold the book shut. Or maybe it's for a tiny nose. The recycled paper the cover is printed on is Ellie Poo Paper—yes, one of the ingredients is elephant dung. No worries though, the book doesn't smell and it won't rub off on the rest of your minis.

The back cover includes nudity, so I guess in the strictest sense this one is for mature readers only.

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