Episode #173 (1 hr, 42 min, 24 sec)

Featured Interview: Kenn Minter
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Interviewed by Chuck Moore

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Topic for
Brant Fowler's Commentary

Spidey Film Changes? Say It Isn't So!

Show Notes From
John Wilson's Outside the Panels

Cameron says No to Spidey
Fing Fang Foom in IM2?
Scarlet Jo on her Widow role
Whedon goes to FX?
Could Ronon be Conan?
Fewer booms in TF3
Cloverfield 2 could still happen
Marvel Her-oes
Superman returns to classic look
Kitty Pride Returns
Pushing Daisies Comic
Internet Wackiness: 11 late night hosts to take over for Jay AND Conan
Sketch blog

Show Notes From
Brant Fowler's Related Warp Wrap

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1 Dark Horse April 2010 Solicitations

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1 Wizard and Diamond

1 Wizard Buys Atlanta Con

1 Marvel Teaser: Second Coming

1 Keown United

1 Spider-Man Previews

1 X-Men Previews

1 Hulk/Realm of Kings Previews

1 Avengers Previews

1 Marvel Previews

1 Siege Previews

1 Blackest Night Previews

1 DC Previews

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1 Archie Previews

1 Granov's Iron Man

1 New Marvel Adventures Ongoings

1 AAM-Markosia New Titles in March

1 Ten Potential Peter Parkers

1 No More Avengers

1 Wild Wolf Award Winner

1 Column: TV Party - Star Trek

1 Column: Why I Love Comics- Scud

1 Column: Indy-Pendant - Various Titles

1 Column: Journey of a Wannabe - Image & Zone 4

1 Column: Proof Positive - Issue #25

1 Column: From the Hall of Justice - Green Lantern #49

1 Column: From the Hall of Justice - Blackest Night #6

1 Hot Shot of the Week: Invincible Iron Man #22

1 From the Forums: Has Haunt Just Died?

1 From the Forums: Avengers #650?

1 From the Forums: New Comic Day Up for Award

1 Webcomic: I'm Not From Here

1 Webcomic: Killer Robots Love You

1 Webcomic: New Comic Day

1 Podcast: Zone 4 #43

1 Podcast: Why I Love Comics #24


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