Episode #172 (1 hr, 51 min, 52 sec)

Featured Interview: Tom Brazelton
Theater Hopper | www.theaterhopper.com
Interviewed by Russell Burlingame

Tom Brazelton is the writer and illustrator of Theater Hopper. He lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with his wife of 9 years, Cami, their 2 year-old son Henry and 7 year-old beagle, Truman. He works professionally as a web consultant for a large financial institution and has an educational background in graphic design. He is a self-taught web designer.

Tom's movie taste range from populist to erudite. He enjoys dumb comedies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Airplane!, classics like Citizen Kane and Rear Window and more contemplative fare like Lost in Translation and Once.

He would not be a card-carrying geek if he did not admit to loving all things related to Star Wars, Indiana Jones or comic books. He greatly enjoys movies like Spider-Man and even Dardevil (despite how awful he knows it to be.) He will wet his pants in nerd glee if you talk about that new Iron Man movie.

Animation is an interest of his as well and anything from Pixar is gospel (yes, even Cars.) He considers The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Spirited Away to be the best examples of the medium. Bow down to Brad Bird and Hayao Miyazaki.

Tom is also a student of comedy and is quite enamored with the recent crop of Judd Apatow "frat-pack" comedies. He'll give a pass to the most awful Will Ferrell movie and is convinced that Michael Cera is "going places." Mark his words.

He also highly advocates the classics like Young Frankenstien, Blazing Saddles, Stripes and The Blues Brothers. Mel Brooks, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray are all names you should know.

When not obsessing about film, Tom also enjoys music. He counts Elliott Smith, Fugazi, Rollins Band, Helmet and Ben Folds among his favorite artists.

He is also a casual reader who enjoys the works of Douglas Coupland, Sarah Vowell, Nick Hornby and Jim Carroll - but will probably get just as excited talking about comic books written by Brian K. Vaughn, Matt Fraction or Robert Kirkman.

If that weren't enough, he'll talk your ear off about some of his favorite TV shows like The Simpsons, Lost, 30 Rock, The Soup, Saturday Night Live and Modern Marvels. Why Modern Marvels? Because he is white and getting old.

When he's not writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to music, reading, watching TV or working, Tom enjoys spending time with his family. He only sleeps when he absolutely has to.

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Chuck Moore's Commentary

Spidey Film Changes? Bring 'Em On!

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John Wilson's Outside the Panels

Brightest Day News
Townsend replaced on Thor
Arnett promises a dark Jonah Hex:
Firefly lives on in book series
Trek and Avatar nominated for best writing
No Metal Gear solid movie
Wolverine sequel may shoot next year
Dark Horse Reveals identity of Twilight
Batman Odyssey trailer revealed
Internet Craziness
Sketch Blog

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