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A Word From One of the Creators

From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe

Okay I have to be honest, and I know I wrote this so it may come off horribly, but I love this one. Like a lot. I think it's because of what Chad and Lisa did with me as a Green Lantern, which looks to be a mix between Hal and Kyle's uniforms. And I have the aura around me as well as the kind of shine that was really well done by Lisa!

So, on topic for this one, I don't know if people know how much of a Green lantern fan I am. Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver pulled me back in with Rebirth. I knew of Kyle in passing (I like Kyle, he's an artist and probably one of the most well rounded and strongest characters in comics. I think I first saw him in that animated Superman series in the '90s).

Ethan became my favorite artist in the industry hands down. Enough to get this tatoo:

Still looks like that after almost 3 years. I found myself in love with the stories, the characters in the universe. I love all the earth GLs. I think Sinestro is a great multidimensionsal character and I even love all the new corps that have been introduced the last few years.

I think having a character who wields the most powerful weapon in the universe that can do anything is definitely a great concept that is handled well by everyone who's been on the title the last few years. Not to mention the history from Alan Moore to Ron Marz to Peter Tomasi, Geoff Johns and just all the amazing artists that have been attached.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten Alan Scott, he's the statesman and probably one of the strongest members of the JSA.

To all of our readers out there who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

Join us here in 7, dear readers as New Comic Day channels an inner PSA for a very important message!

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