Why I Love Nerdcore Rising!

So, the other night I put a very special dvd into my 360 and watched what is probably my favorite documentary since Air Guitar Nation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen in this edition of Why I Love Comics we talk about the documentary Nerdcore Rising!

Nerdcore Rising was co-directed by Negin Farsad and Kimmy Gatewood. You actually see Kimmy in a very amusing deleted scene from the film, but along the way we follow MC Frontalot and his band on their first ever national tour (which ends at PAX, the huge gaming convention for nerds).

Nerdcore, for people who don't know, was coined by Frontalot who was soon followed by many other people within the music industry. It's basically a sub-division of music. Mostly rap that covers pop culture, comics, math, science, history and really any nerdy topics. It's truly unique and has inspired plenty of new acts to step up to the plate.

Something I really enjoyed about the documentary was that it never insulted it's core and reported fair and balanced information going into how nerd culture can be, what it truly means to be nerdcore and even how nerds aren't really the most social people on the planet.

Most people think of Damien (aka Frontalot) as the father of nerdcore and after this documentary I think you'd be hard pressed not to agree. There is plenty of heart in the film as it shows that the tour documented would either make him or break him as he put it himself. Of course the tour wasn't filled with just positive moments as Frontalot tries his best to get some interview time on different stations. Along the way, he has equipment lost thanks to a band member and really does his best to make sure nothing detracts him from putting on a good show.

I really like the fact that the film reached out to many different people connected to the genre. We get Beefy, Nursehella, Karl Olson aka Ultrakystron, MC Chris, MC Lars, Weird Al yankovic, Brian Posehn and even some less expected people like a few of the rap industries big producers.

Personally, I've been following the production of this documentary for years as I stumbled upon that trailer ages ago and was anxiously anticipating watching it. Getting it in my hands was a real treat. In the end, I'm pleased to report that it lived up to everything that the trailer promised and more. Frontalot and the band's story is enthralling and fun to watch as they're just nerdy guys doing what they love. It was great to see all the nerdcore artists and fans talking about the genera and it all felt very honest as you watch it.

We nerds are truly a unique group of people and Nerdcore rising shows that in folds. From the struggle of getting respect in the rap game to how tortured nerds are growing up, it's all here. I'd recommend this documentary to anyone that is a fan of great music, storytelling and people doing their best to live their dreams. Negin and Kelly did an amazing job and I can't wait to see what they do next!

The Trailer

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