HeroesCon Day 2

Of Splatter Paints, Indy Greats and Aunt May's Floppy Bits
by John Wilson

Day two/Saturday from Heroes Con came incredibly early after a long but fantastic and fun Zone 4 podcast from the night before. Brant, Chuck, Darren and myself talked, debated and laughed (occasionally about questionable topics such as the sex life of May Parker) until well after midnight. You can find the hilarity under the latest Zone 4 button on the website.

The show itself filled up quickly this morning and has continued throughout the day. The usual mix of the comics faithful are joined by families, anima girls in short skirts and a slew of people in their cosplay finest. The highlight costume of the show has to be Jeremy Massie's Deadbeat (with an honorable mention to a very provocative Catwoman). The microphones of Comic Related have been rocking all day with interviews with Angel Comics and their title Children of the Apocalypse, Prowess from the crew at World Wide Comics and our own Darren Mueller scored a long interview with Keith Decandido, creator of Boom Studios Farscape. And Chuck rocked another long interview with the Sky Pirates of Valendor's Everett Soares. The highlight of the podcasts was a panel...on podcasts. Chuck was joined by Bryan Deemer of Comic Geek Speak, Comic News Insider's Jimmy Aquino, "Mr." Phil Jackson of Indie Spinner Rack, and The Golden Age of Comics Podcaster, Bill Jourdan. The quintet of podcasters fielded questions from moderator Jonathan Hickman and the audience on the specifics behind their shows, what motivates them to pursue podcasting and what their best and most memorable interviews have been.

The creation of art is the name of the game today. At nearly every table, artists were creating commissions, hammering out the latest issue of their books or creating art for this evening's Art Auction to benefit the efforts of Heroes Con to bring in more indy and small press creators. Art from a few inches tall to massive paintings several feet wide were being created for what will prove to be the must attend event of the evening followed closely by the all important socializing that will take place in the bar. Being social was the other order of the day as we have had a steady stream of creators, fans and friends have stopped to chat and in the case of Chris and BJay, our good friends from Studio Akumakaze, stayed to hang out and work with Ringtail Cafe's Jackie Hernandez.

Day two was a blast and we already have six podcasts scheduled for tomorrow with more to come. Check out the website all weekend long for pictures, podcasts and a whole slew of Heroes Con goodness.

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