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by A. "Kav" Kaviraj

Artist A. Kaviraj and writer Darrin O'Toole have won runner up in the Dundee College sequential art contest with their mister X story, judged by a panel including Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison. . They won the contest, which specified a three page story, but after they won runner up were asked if they could come up with two extra pages to more complete the story which they quickly did. Here is the original info on the contest, and the cover and a page from the story, as well as a pic of Darrin at the awards ceremony. The story will be printed in an anthology. The main thing they won was recognition in the industry, no mean feat as I'm sure everyone knows. Darrin made sure to promote 'Tales From the Void' with all the industry folks he met there as well.

In 1944 The Dandy introduced the first home-grown British superhero - The Amazing Mr X, who appeared in 14 installments between 1944 and 1945. These stories were drawn by DC Thomson staff artist Jack Glass. When The Amazing Mr X made a brief reappearance in The Dandy annual in 1962 he was drawn by Dudley D. Watkins. Since then he has been all but forgotten... but now you have the opportunity to bring the character back to life, re-interpreting the character for the 21st century!

The University of Dundee, in partnership with DC Thomson, is pleased to announce the Second Annual Dundee Comics Prize - a competition to re-create The Amazing Mr X. Entries should consist of a two - three page origin story and a cover image featuring your interpretation of this classic British superhero.

The first prize is 500, plus publication of the story in The Sunday Post and in the Dundee University publication Anthology, which showcases new work by up-and-coming comics creators. There will also be two runner-up prizes of 250 each.

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A. KAVIRAJ: Kav is an artist, teacher, and biologist who lives in Sacramento, California. He is the artist forThe End of Paradise, Rapid City, and Dr Death vs The Zombie. He is the writer and artist for Dr. Death vs. The Vampire. E-mail: ddkaviraj@aol.com

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