Life In Four Colors # 25:
Time Waits For No Man, Except Chad Lambert

Hello everybody. I know (or think I know) exactly what you are thinking. Perhaps you're thinking....isn't this column a little bit late? And the answer is yes.

Wasn't Frank Raynor supposed to be here with me talking about Alan Moore? Again the answer is yes.

But truthfully who needs Alan Moore when you have Chad Lambert? I kid you not and I will explain in detail just a little later what I mean by that exactly, but first let me explain a few things.

Yes, Frank and I were going to discuss what the two of us consider Alan Moore's greatest work but life got in the way. Frank and I have been exceptionally busy this last week or so and never got around to sitting down and comparing notes so that column, which is still something the two of us are going to do, has been postponed until Friday June 26th.

The next Life In Four Color column which (hopefully) will go up as scheduled Friday June 12th will be a special celebration of the one year anniversary of Life In Four Colors.

Besides the scheduling conflicts with Frank and myself, I wanted to make sure I did a column on one of the most talented writers out there working in the independent comic field, that of course being Chad Lambert, before he makes his personal appearance at Main Street Comics and Games Saturday June that contributed to a large degree with the shuffling of topic.

As far as the column being late.....issues on the home front kept me from turning this one in on time, making it the first (and hopefully....there's that word again) last column I have turned in to Chuck late.

And I can't help but think ...if I was only half the master of time and space that Chad Lambert would be reading this thing about 9:30 am Friday May 29th with out the apologies.

But seeing how I am not, why waste even more time?

Like I said...Chad is making an appearance at the comic shop here in my home town of Springfield Ohio...where I work from time to time in support of his latest book "Return To Point Pleasant".

I'm very glad to say all the advance copies of this book that Chad sent us has sold out, in just a manner of a few short days. As did all the material he sent us including Blood Rayne: Prime Cuts...a limited series based on the video game. A perfect comic for a comic book/video game store.

Return To Point Pleasant was a big hit, and I will be talking to a few fans that picked up the book and loved it later here on the website. Chad's many years of research in the mystery and multiple theories on the Moth Man sightings in Point Pleasant West Virginia struck a nerve with our regular customers and I believe Chad is going to enjoy his visit to the store.

Besides being an expert in Moth Man phenomenon, Chad once was a D.J. for 103.9 The "X", a local hard rock radio station that broadcasts out of near by Dayton Ohio and will be recording an interview with the morning show crew Friday June 12th, the day before his appearance.

He will be talking about the book, Moth Men, the store appearance, and don't be too surprised if the subject of time travel pops up in the conversation as well.

No matter what story he's writing this theme seems to be a constant, but Lambert puts a different twist on it every time.

To say I'm excited about his in store appearance is an understatement, but the excitement has grown in just the last few days as I learned exactly how versatile a writer Chad actually is.

Although I've been wanting to read a copy of one of Chad's other books, Kill The Revisionist, for some time I just never had the opportunity to pick one up until just a few short days ago.

I just finished a landscape job not far from the store and as soon as I got paid...I sped by the shop...right before Scott looked the door...and bought want I knew was the very last copy we had in the store, afraid it would be gone by the time I got into the shop at 4:00 pm the next afternoon.

When I got home I sat down to read what I thought was going to be a good book.

Boy was I wrong. This wasn't a good book, this was a great book!!! Incredible. A testament to why a 41 year old man like myself still reads comics. Action, humor, with hints of movies like "Good Will Hunting", "Highlander", "Quest For Fire" and "Wanted".

Throw in a little "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister and you have a true classic. A great character, a sinister villain, a damsel in distress...and oh yeah...just a little mention of time manipulation.

This book is one of the two most amazing, all original graphic novels I have ever read in my entire life. All 15,115 days of it.

When I went in the shop the next day and was asked how I liked the book I mentioned this fact. Scott, the store owner, and of our favorite customers found that statement a little hard to believe, but I assured them it was very true.

Todd: "One of the best graphic novels you read...ever?"

Me: "The only book out there that deserves to be in the company of this book is a book called Daughter of Dracula."

Todd: "Better than the Watchmen?"

Me Again: "I don't consider Watchmen an original graphic novel. It's a trade paperback. Stories that ran at one time as single issues and later collected."

(see I told you I was going to get to the part where Chad Lambert is better than Alan Moore)

Todd: "Better than Dark Knight Returns?"

Scott: "That's a trade paperback too."

Todd: "What about the Killing Joke...that was an original graphic novel."

Me: "That's right. And Kill the Revisionist crushes the Killing Joke."

(Boo yah!)

Todd: "Man, that's quite an endorsement dude."

And one I will stand by. If you don't believe me....pick up your own copy of Kill the Revisionist and read both it and the Killing Joke...if you don't like Lambert's story better than Moore's....I'll listen to four hours of rap music.

I want to point out the Revisionist did appear before as a feature in a few copies of Digital Webbing Presents and three of those stories are reprinted at the back of this book as extra features. Two of the stories play a pivotal role in just who the Revisionist is...and why he is. The third is just damn entertaining.

Chad Lambert at Gem City Comic Con Dayton Ohio 2008.

The Revisionist is the true definition of a flawed hero, and nothing points that out more than the back up story "Broken Wings". He's violent, uncompromised, and takes sarcasm to a very dark place where Spider-Man wouldn't dare to go.

I would think it would be very difficult if not altogether impossible to come up with another hero just as appealing.

Not a matter of fact I didn't have to look very far. I liked Kill the Revisionist so much I had to read something else by Chad that I had not read yet. All the copies of Blood Rayne were already gone, which was okay because to be honest I'm kind of allergic to video games. All that was still left at the time was two issues of Possum at Large.

I flipped through one of them. Loved the artwork by Joe Gravel. The story itself looked kind of cool. Just like that there was only one issue of Possum at Large left (which is gone as well at the time I'm typing this)

Alright.....loved Point Pleasant, really loved Killed the Revisionist, how was this book going to stand up compared to those two?

Amazingly well.

I mentioned a book called Daughter of Dracula earlier....that writer...Ron Fortier is a good friend and a true master of his craft. He can turn out a story that is more than 100 pages filled with a very dark, adult vibe....and turn around and without any effort at all and write some of the most wholesome adventure comics filled with great characterization and fun loving humor that will appear to ALL AGES. Not just kids but kids and adults alike. And of course he does just that with Mr. Jigsaw.

Chad Lambert proved he can do the same thing. From Kill the Revisionist to Possum at Large. Shifting gears on his time traveling phone booth without batting an eye or skipping a beat.

I only hope to be a fraction as good as these two guys.

Possum at Large was layered with sophisticated wit and obscure t.v sitcom references wrapped around an intelligent story that makes you both think and laugh out loud. A truly entertaining comic on many different levels.

I believe that "Jake" (the possum that is at large in said book) could hold his own against ninja turtles and hamsters with black belts.

Chad has mentioned that he and Joe have talked about doing another Possum at Large story somewhere in the future, or the past.

Whenever it happens I'll be waiting to read it, that's for sure.

So check out the books for yourself.

That's it this time around....keeping a little shorter than usual because right now sleep sounds a little better than usual.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks for some changes in LIFC land. Until then see you in the funny papers.

Bill Gladman - Bill is a writer and illustrator and currently working on several different projects including the first issue of an ongoing comic book series (Prodigy), an illustrated fantasy novel (The Book of Noheim), and the first of four illustrated science fiction/fantasy novels (Jack the Rabbit, Living Legend of the Purple Plains) as well as a light-hearted on going mini-comic (Three Wise Men). Bill also pens a column for Comic Related and will be doing a mix of regional convention coverage.

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