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A Quick Interview With
Steve Lieber About Alabaster

Dark Horse Comics: What were your first process steps and directions for bringing Dancy to the comics world?

Steve Lieber: I read Caitlin's Dancy short stories, and got the audiobook of Threshold, her Dancy novel. I've worked on comics with a number of prose writers before-Greg Rucka, Sean Stewart, Sara Ryan-and if you want to have any understanding of the worlds they create, it's a really good idea to read their words.

DHC: What features were most important in showing who Dancy is and what she looked like?

SL: I tend to think in black and white line art when I draw comics, but the most notable visual trait of Dancy is her coloration-she's an albino. Since there's no way to communicate that directly in line art, I tried to exaggerate the fragility of her skin with some fine line rendering in places, and concentrated on trying to communicate as much as I could about her rough backstory in the way I drew her-her posture, her hair, and her clothes.

DHC: Did you run into any snags with Caitlin Kiernan regarding the original look you had come up with?

SL: Not much. I sketched, showed it to Caitlin, and she said "more like this" or "less like that" and I tweaked what I did until I was there, or at least close enough. It's a tremendous pleasure working with a writer who has such a strong commitment to the material. Caitlin, Rachel, and Jemiah are my first readers and I know that they'll be reading closely and with great care.

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