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Episode #151- Run time: 1:09:09

In this episode:

The crew returns with reservist John Wilson in the aftermath of the 150th celebration to talk about rebrandings of companies, titles, characters, etc. John also fills us in on the Splash Page art show, the guys talk movies, and of course we announce the winner of the Get Jiggy Wit It Contest!

Plus, more Facebook shout-outs, upcoming events and much more in the Zone this week!

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Derby City Con Exclusive

DAN CON 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Episode #301

Chicks Dig Time Lords

RSVP link -

Arlington Heights Library -

Chicks Dig Time Lords (publication page) -

Announcement (via the blog; includes Zone 4 promo) -

Gordon's review of CDTL -

The following bands are usually on every episode, so check them out!

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