Episode #56 (00:56:41)

It's Episode 56 and it's the holiday season and everyone is in a festive mood including the Nerd Girls. Sapph discusses adventures in bowling, Spaced talks of scoring free cologne samples and dreams really do come true when Spazzy wins big at her apartment christmas party.

Holiday time is movie time! Sapph talks of Sherlock Holmes and gives us a slo-mo recap of the action. Spaced accepts her mission as she reviews Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Spazzy gets her Catwoman...errr no wait her Selena Kyle on when she discusses The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Inappropriate fanfiction is discussed and so much more!

So, grab your own Benji Dunn and tell Bane to chill because the Nerd Girls are in the holiday spirit!

****Warning parts of this show maybe NSFW*****

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

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