Episode #38 (52 min, 41 sec)

Tis Episode 38 and in a galaxy far, far away the Nerd Girls go into hyper drive on an interviewing mission of epic proportions. The Girls welcome the writer of Fanboys and the author of Ready Player One, Ernie Cline. From beginning to end Ernie and the Nerd Girls celebrate all forms of nerdy ways. Spazzy gets spazzy with the questions, Sapph lays down some D & D knowledge and Spaced discusses the possible joys of breaking into George Romero's house.

Ernie discusses the beginnings of his nerd ways from his first viewing of Star Wars to taking his DeLorean on his upcoming book tour. He also talks of his experience bringing Fanboys to the big screen and what inspired him to write Ready Player One, which has already been reviewed by the New York Times...and Nerds Shall Inherit the Earth!

So, grab your lightsaber Fanboys...and girls because the Nerd Girls are now Ready Player One.

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