Episode #30 (1 hour, 2 min, 57 sec)

Its Episode 30 and The Nerd Girls have a special guest in the nerdy lair, David Barrack, the creator of the webcomic grrlpowercomic.com is on the show. He discusses the process in bringing his comic to life, backstory on the various characters and how both American and Japanese comics influence his webcomic. But, no worries David doesn't do all the talking Spazzy requests a verbal rundown of the lovely grrl power ladies, Sapph wants to know the inspiration for an all girl comic and Spaced wants to know if he has always been a comic book nerd. Of course it wouldn't be a Nerd Girls show without a discussion on boobs!

So, open up your Photoshop and get really to get inspired because The Nerd Girls are going on the web!

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