Over the past few weeks it was reported that Zone 4 podcast hosts, Cary Kelley and Chuck Kennedy were leaving the program after two years. In the discussing how to fill the now empty third and fourth seat in this fan favorite weekly show, the two remaining Zoners, Brant "Gonzogoose" Fowler and "Captain" Ron Fortier have come up with a unique contest format that should prove to be lots of fun for all involved. At the same time, it allows our loyal listeners a voice in choosing who will be the next Zone 4 Host.


This contest is open to everyone, man, women, child, robot, alien, whoever would like to join Swords Master Brant Fowler and Airship Captain Ron Fortier as they explore the myriad worlds of fandom. So, if you think you are that special someone we're looking for, you need to tell us why you believe you would make the best new host of Zone 4. There are three ways to do so:

  1. Write an essay (100 words or less)
  2. Record an audio clip (2-3 minutes)
  3. Record a video (3-5 minutes)

Once you've created this masterpiece of logic, e-mail essays and audio clips to If you choose to do a video, you can submit it as a reply on the Zone 4 YouTube Channel, or you can just send us a link to your video at the same email.

The deadline to submit your entry is *Friday, June 17th.


Once we have reviewed all the submissions, we will choose the three best ones, in our humble opinions. These three individuals will be notified and then each will be invited to Try-Out as an actual guest host on three consecutive weeks. After the last finalist has done his guest spot, we will open the voting to the public at large. That's YOU, our loyal CR family and friends. Voting will begin the Saturday after the last finalist has appeared on the show and will last for two full weeks. At the end of which, the winner will be notified and officially accepted as Zone 4's newest regular host.


Filling that fourth vacant spot each week will be a different comic industry professional, from indie and small press to the big leagues. They'll join us for one of our famous roundtable discussions! So if you're a creator and would like to come on the show to talk comics and related culture give us a shout at the email address above!


So there you have it, CR family and friends. We truly hope lots of you will want to join the Zone 4 team. Aside from the weekly fun-fest we have talking comics, TV, movies and our mother's special recipes for lasagna, you never know where this gig might lead. One of the perks will be the winner having his likeness made into a cartoon hero and ultimately appearing in the new Zone 4 Comic Strip adventures now in the works.

Never mind the awe and admiration of all your peers. This kind of shot at fame and fortune only comes once in a lifetime, so come on and reach for that brass ring.


*We reserve the right to extend the deadline if necessary

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