Episode #1 (1 hour, 24 min, 27 seconds)

This week's adventure reminds us that things don't always go as planned: While both J.M. DeMatteis (Booster Gold, The Life and Times of Savior 28) and Troy Brownfield (Buck Rogers, Zenescope's The White Knight) arrived for their interviews, personal availability and, later, technical difficulties kept Panel Discussions co-host Jon Bidwell from joining Russ for the week. Still, Russ perseveres and turns out a lively discussion of the comings and goings that are inherent in comics that aren't owned by their writers.

In Two Weeks:
Can't say yet, but I promise it's good. Interviews, discussion and MORE THAN ONE HOST!

Featured Music:
Diane and How Many Lifetimes? from the John Marc DeMatteis album How Many Lifetimes?
Booster Gold from Spoiler Alert!'s self-titled EP.

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