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From the Pen of Douglas Paszkiewicz
by Douglas Paszkiewicz
Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran in the comic book industry, having done work for Image, DC Comics, Mad Magazine and Topps Mars Attacks while keeping his own Independently Published work Arsenic Lullaby at the top of the heap in popularity and critical acclaim. His cartoonish yet skillfully precise drawing style is immediately recognizable no matter where they are featured.
Latest Entries:
[06/24/15] The Road to CCI Pt. 2
[06/19/15] The Road to CCI Pt. 1
[02/24/15] Explain Yourself

Toy Related
by Scott Simmons
Comic Related's column for toy reviews, previews, convention reports, updates and more! Started by Scott D.M. Simmons and since taken up by other writers as well, this is THE place on CR to find toy news!
Latest Entries:
[05/04/15] Destination: Star Wars
[11/30/14] Mezco's Mortal Kombat X
[10/07/14] Super Grover Funko

TV Party
by Gordon Dymowski
TV Party focuses on a mix of comic related television series along with DVD releases and boxed sets. Gordon also shares his thoughts on the world of entertainment and cinema targeting what's new and occasionally dipping into the past reviewing an older movie or series.
Latest Entries:
[04/19/15] The Flash!
[03/14/15] Steed and Peel
[01/23/15] Agent Carter

Considering Constantine
by Chuck Moore
Are you watching the NBC television series Constantine? CR site founder and longtime Constantine fan Chuck Moore is! Join him each week as he discusses the latest episode, checks in on the ratings and adds a bit of context from the comics as his favorite comic character finds a home on the small screen.
Latest Entries:
[12/06/14] Considering Constantine
[12/02/14] Considering Constantine
[11/24/14] Considering Constantine

Graphic Content
by John Wilson
John is a former retailer who has taken his life long love for comics and how they are made and channeled it as a high school art teacher and comic creator. John moderates the Art Unleashed forum, works with Sketch Magazine & Blue Line Pro and shares reveiws here.
Latest Entries:
[11/27/14] Foundations in Comic Art
[11/01/14] Monstrously Funny Cartoons
[06/26/14] How to Draw Manga Style

Bronze and Beyond
by Billy Dunleavy
In Bronze & Beyond!, you'll see everything from mainstream classics, horror, cosmic, and many other genres, from the Bronze Age, up to and including the present day! There will be a heavy influx of Bronze Age material though, as it is a personal favorite of mine, but also has some redeeming qualities that are lacking in most of the present day books.
Latest Entries:
[11/10/14] Ed Hannigan Interview
[07/17/14] Steve Englehart Interview
[03/13/14] Bronze & Beyond

Horror Comic Roundup
by Dan Royer
Welcome to the Horror Comic Roundup! Join Decapitated Dan, Billy Dunleavy and friends each week as they review new and old Horror Comics that you will either be dying to read or terrified to check out!
Latest Entries:
[10/14/14] Horror Comic Roundup
[07/29/14] Horror Comic Roundup: July
[06/24/14] Horror Comic Roundup: June

The Genuine Imitation Jonesing Bogart Library
by Art Bowshier
Art Bowshier launches a brand new column here at Comic Related.
Latest Entries:
[07/20/14] The Green Turtle
[06/08/14] Joe Kubert's TOR
[06/01/14] Frank Frazetta

Cosmic Crackle
by Mike Luoma
Mike Luoma's "Cosmic Crackle" explores the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe.
Latest Entries:
[07/18/14] GotG: The New Team Part 1
[03/21/14] Star-Lord Part 4
[11/03/12] Star-Lord Part 3

Where Is My Money Going This Month?
by Dan Royer
If I were rich, I would probably buy every single comic in print, too bad I'm not though. So when I sit down each month with the new Previews Catalog I have to watch my budget, and pre-order my books wisely. So here is here is where my money on this month.
Latest Entries:
[06/10/14] Where's My Money Going?
[05/16/14] Where's My Money Going?

5 Quick Questions...
by Bill Nichols
Comic creator Bill Nichols grabs another comic creator and asks them 5 Quick Questions about the world of comics.
Latest Entries:
[06/09/14] Alexter Albury
[02/12/14] Robert Hickey
[10/06/13] Randy Valiente

by Dan Royer
Every month close to over 500 new Comic Books come ou! That's a ton of new stuff for you to spend your money on, and lets face it, we're not all rich. So I've decided to make it a little easier on you and suggest 5 comics that you should spend your money on this month, as they all get the Decapitated Dan Rotting Thumbs Up. Let's take a look.
Latest Entries:
[06/03/14] Beware... 5 Comics to Get
[04/07/14] Beware Debuts!

5 Minutes With...
by David O Leary
David O'Leary sits down with various big name creators from Kubert to Moore for 5 minute interviews talking about what these creators have going on at the moment.

Latest Entries:
[04/21/14] 5 Minutes With...
[01/03/14] 5 Minutes With...
[11/06/13] 5 Minutes With...

Terror Tweets
by Dan Royer
Welcome to Terror Tweets! Join Decapitated Dan & Billy Dunleavy each week as they review new and old Horror Comics, using only 140 Character or Less!
Latest Entries:
[03/20/14] Terror Tweets - 3/18/14
[02/25/14] Terror Tweets - 2/25/14
[02/18/14] Terror Tweets - 2/18/14

Life in Four Colors
by Bill Gladman
From comic reviews to great local interviews to special event coverage, Life in Four Colors is the free form column of Bill Gladman and you can count on it to share a mix of topics including comic history, trends, creators, films and much more.
Latest Entries:
[03/12/14] Kill Me Review
[11/15/13] Road to Infinity
[11/13/13] Iron Man or Thor?

Why I Love Comics
by Eric Ratcliffe
Why I Love Comics is the weekly column of Eric Ratcliffe. Sometimes he grabs a weeks worth of comics for review, sometimes he chats with a creator and sometimes he spotlights a series or trend that you should know more about.
Latest Entries:
[01/02/14] Why I Love Comics Awards
[05/04/12] The Avengers Review
[09/12/11] Doctor Who Annual

Watching the Eclipse
by Brant Fowler
Brant W. Fowler takes a look back at the ever popular television series HEROES, episode-by-episode, with a series of written columns and audio supplements as the new comic series from Dynamite Entertainment approaches in late 2013.
Latest Entries:
[10/20/13] Powerless
[10/19/13] Truth & Consequences
[10/18/13] Cautionary Tales

Tips for Artists
by A. Kaviraj
Artist A. 'Kav' Kaviraj shares his personal tips and advice for artists, from layouts, to inking, to collaborations and more.
Latest Entries:
[04/08/13] Who's the Artist?
[04/01/13] Hook Your Reader
[03/25/13] Panel Descriptions

by Scott Simmons
Scott D.M. Simmons spotlights the crowd funding (Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc.) campaigns of independent creators, looking at up to 5 projects per entry. Sometimes there will be interviews and more as well.
Latest Entries:
[03/11/13] Crowd-FUN-ding #2
[02/25/13] Crowd-FUN-ding

On the Soapbox
by David Brashear
Latest Entries:
[02/22/13] Open or Closed?
[02/07/13] The New Young Avengers
[01/31/13] Shadow War of the Hawkman

Comic Pro Spotlight
by Bill Nichols
Comic creator Bill Nichols sits down with comic luminaries and talks creativity, industry and more.
Latest Entries:
[11/29/12] Steve Bissette
[11/06/12] Mike Baron
[12/13/11] Aaron Lopresti

Talking Transfuzion
by Gary Reed
Talking Transfuzion is a weekly column where long time publisher Gary Reed discusses just about everything to do with Transfuzion Publishing, the processes involved in developing comics and areas that some might not realize publishers even deal with.
Latest Entries:
[09/27/12] Talking Transfuzion
[09/20/12] Talking Transfuzion
[09/06/12] Talking Transfuzion

From the Hall of Justice
by Andrew Dowdell
Covering the big events in the DCU, From the Hall of Justice takes an in-depth look at event books from DC, breaking them down in page-by-page annotations.
Latest Entries:
[06/08/12] Justice League #8
[06/07/12] Earth 2 #1
[04/26/12] Justice League #7

Comic Shop Review
by Dan Royer
Decapitated Dan introduces this column series highlighting comic shops with photos, information and a brief review.
Latest Entries:
[03/08/12] East Carolina Comics
[08/11/11] The Comic Asylum
[07/07/11] Comic Shop Review

Kyle Baker's Dying Genre
by Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker is a multi-faceted nerd with interests in table top, dice and miniture based gaming, comics, movies and other areas of pop culture. He has been an active gamer for more tha 12 years and brings his knowledge to this column.
Latest Entries:

The Gold Exchange
by Russell Burlingame
The Gold Exchange is a monthly column, released within about a week of the release of each new issue of Booster Gold, that features conversations Dan Jurgens and other individuals tied to the series providing an in-depth discussion and analysis of eacn issue.
Latest Entries:
[08/11/11] The Gold Exchange
[07/15/11] The Gold Exchange
[06/10/11] The Gold Exchange

Proof Positive
by Eric Ratcliffe
Proof Positive is a monthly column where Eric Ratcliffe and Alex Grecian discuss the latest issue of Proof. It's like a director's commentary to a movie, only here comics readers can ask the questions as they cover each issue, start to finish.
Latest Entries:
[05/08/11] Proof Positive Returns
[04/12/11] Proof Positive is Back
[02/22/11] Proof Positive is Back

28 Words Later
by David O Leary
David O'Leary conducts a monthly discussion with 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey exclusively on Comic Related. 28 Days Later is based on the movie franchise by the same name and is published by BOOM! Studios.
Latest Entries:
[05/23/11] 28 Words Later
[07/08/10] 28 Words Later
[06/23/10] 28 Words Later

Controlling The Darkness
by Eric Ratcliffe
Controlling the Darkness is a monthly writer's commentary about Top Cow's The Darkness where Eric Ratcliffe is joined by Phil Hester as they discuss the latest issue offering the story behind the long running and popular comic series.
Latest Entries:
[08/06/10] Controlling the Darkness
[04/07/10] Controlling the Darkness
[12/04/09] Controlling the Darkness

by Brant Fowler
Brant was a fan of comics as a kid and these days he's also an aspiring comic creator. This column is the archive of his first ever column focusing on independent comics, creators and publishers, giving them the spotlight they deserve.
Latest Entries:
[05/30/10] Indy-Pendant #78
[05/23/10] Indy-Pendant #77
[05/15/10] Indy-Pendant #76

Journey of a Wannabe
by Brant Fowler
Brant was a fan of comics as a kid and now he's an aspiring comic creator. His column discusses his personal journey from fandom to the annals of the creative society that is comics. Brant's current series is The Wannabez and this is his journey.
Latest Entries:
[03/17/10] Journey of a Wannabe
[03/09/10] Journey of a Wannabe
[02/02/10] Journey of a Wannabe

To See, Or Not To See
by Russell Burlingame
Russel Burlingame checks out the very latest comic related movies as they are unveiled to the public giving you an early look at the film as he shares his thoughts on whether or not you should see it. It's the good, the bad and the films worth seeing.
Latest Entries:
[10/14/09] Big Bang Theory
[10/09/09] Surrogates
[10/07/09] Public Enemies

Watching the Watchmen
by Cassandra Faust
Comic Related was lucky enough to be introduced to an individual who works in the film industry. This individual shared an ongoing series of first hand reports direct from the Watchmen film set. She's continued even after the close of production sharing much of what she witnessed.
Latest Entries:
[12/14/09] A-OK?
[11/10/09] V For Vancouver
[03/06/09] Watching the Watchmen

The Truth, With Liars
by Russell Burlingame
David Lapham's Stray Bullets made him one of the most respected indie comics creators of the '90s. His current DC Vertigo Comics series, Young Liars, is one of the great mature reader books on the market today. Here, Russell chats with the creator about the latest issue each month.
Latest Entries:
[11/10/09] The Truth With Liars
[08/01/09] The Truth With Liars
[07/11/09] The Truth, With Liars

R.E.B.E.L. Yell
by Eric Ratcliffe
R.E.B.E.L. Yell is a monthly column where Eric Ratcliffe and Tony Bedard discuss the latest issue of R.E.B.E.L.S. It's like a director's commentary to a movie, only here comics readers can ask the questions as they cover each issue, start to finish.
Latest Entries:
[08/24/09] R.E.B.E.L. Yell for #7
[07/20/09] R.E.B.E.L. Yell for #6
[06/16/09] R.E.B.E.L. Yell for #5

Visionary: Catching a Vision
by C Edward Sellner
Catching a Vision, a column from C. Edward Sellner, Founder and Creative Director of Visionary Comics Studio , provides practical guidance on how to break into the comics industry, along with resources, insights, interviews and workshops.
Latest Entries:
[09/28/09] Writing V: Telling the Story
[09/18/09] Writing IV: Comp. Workshop
[09/05/09] Writing III: Composition

Tyler James: Creating Comics!
by Tyler James
In Creating Comics! The Art & Craft, Tyler James shares what he's learned about making comics and shares a weekly dose of tips and tricks he's learned over the years illustrated by examples from exemplary published work or from his own projects.
Latest Entries:
[12/13/10] Creating Comics!
[10/18/10] Creating Comics!
[10/04/10] Creating Comics!