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At Comic Related, we think we have what the small or independent press creator, convention organizer or company representative may be looking for in terms of advertising your title or event. Our rates are affordable and our exposure level is high. What better combination could you ask for from a site?

Ad Positioning

There are various spots where you can purchase ads on the Comic Related website. The graphic to the right shows our old breakdown, but we've added more spaces and can break up the left sidebar in a number of ways.

The header banner at the top of each page is a horizontal 468x60 ad (Ad Space #1) and it sits in the prime spot just to the right of our main Comic Related logo.

Next (going down the left side) you have our main bar of ads.

From top to bottom you have several sizes to choose from:

120x120 - Square Block

120x600 - Skyscraper Banner

120x60 - Button Block

And just about any other length dimension as long as the width is 120px.

We also have leaderboard spaces (728x90) in the footer of the site and at the top of our forums.

If that's not enough, we do offer spaces on several subsites as well. Email to inquire about those.



E-Mail for rates.

Advertising Schedule

All Other Ad Space Blocks
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Podcast Sponsorship

E-Mail for rates.

Weekly Zone 4 Podcast
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Inquire about other podcasts on the network via email.

E-mail to reserve your current or future spot today! If you want a space that is sold, just let us know and we'll schedule your ad for the next available time.

We prefer static, non-animated ads, but we will accept animated ads that aren't too overwhelming. Ask us if you're not sure. Graphic ads can go live the day payment and graphic art is received. In terms of podcast sponsorship, the episode sponsorship includes two mentions during the podcast episode. We reserve the right to refuse any ad, and ads are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

We accept paypal, checks and money orders. Click here for our full contact information for mailed payments. Paypal payments can be sent to

Why we're different...

We're offering you consistent exposure on a website that updates 10 to 15 times a day every 24 hours, 365 days a year. Here are the reasons why we're different...

Exposure - Our ads DO NOT ROTATE. If you buy the space for a week or a month, your ad will be there every time someone visits our site. Ads purchased are also present on EVERY PAGE of our main site (though ads are not currently available in our forums). You will be seen almost everywhere our visitors turn. One buy = site saturation.

Commitment - Unlike other sites, there is no ongoing/long term commitment requirement. Post an ad when it works best for you. Come back when you see how much it works!

Positioning - You will be one of only six ads present within the the entire site!

Flexibility - Purchase an ad and feel the need to change the graphic? Just let us know and we'll update it that same day.

If you have any questions, please
contact us at!