Who Started This Site?
Chuck Moore

Chuck Moore / Chief Executive Officer, Site Creator
I grew up in southern Ohio. I owned seven comic shops called Chuck’s Comics in the '80s. I moved to Lexington, KY in 1988. I ran WRFL 88.1 FM and did an alternative music show in the '90s. I traveled and did press work for the unlimited hydroplane racing series and ESPN in the '00s.

In 2004, I started Comic Related. In 2008, I started podcasting doing 300 episodes of the Related Recap podcast for Comic Related. In late 2011, I moved to Cincinnati, OH putting on small conventions and music events. In 2012, I began co-hosting the Charlie Tonic Hour podcast. That same year I also purchased Derby City Comic Con.

In 2013, I co-launched the Bottoms Up podcast, began working with Tonic Tours and put on my first full comic convention. What’s next? Only time will tell, but I promise it will be a fun ride!

Meet the Partners in Comic Related

Brant Fowler / Chief Operating Officer
Brant Fowler has been a professional comic book writer, editor, flatter, letterer and logo designer since 2000ish. He even dabbles in web design from time to time. In 2006-2007, he met Chuck Moore online and at some point began contributing articles to Comic Related. In 2008, he met Chuck in person, and eventually became Co-Owner of Comic Related.

He is one of the founders and the main host of the Zone 4 podcast here at Comic Related, and he letters New Comic Day, which can be found on the site as well. You can see samples of his work and how to hire him at Gonzogoose Design. And catch up with him on his forums right here at CR. He also has his own comic series, Wannabez , with others in the works.

Brant is also a member of the core operations team at Comic Related, and a member of the YouTube review group, Dark Avenger INC. You can also find him co-hosting the Related Recap and Hall of Toys podcasts.

John Wilson / Chief Creative Officer
John Wilson is Co-Owner of Comic Related, the online editor for Sketch Magazine.net, assists the team at Derby City Comic Con and is a podcaster on Zone 4 and guests on other shows on the Comic Related Podcast Network.

John has been a lifelong comics fan. He has vivd memories of trips to the grocery store and sitting in front of a squeaky red spinner rack. he also spent hours, first tracing and then hand drawing many of the images from the comics he read. On the day of his high school graduation, John discovered his city's first comic store had opened and, in his tuxedo, he went to check it out and became fast friends and an unoffical emplyee of the store. Through this association, he was introduced to the folks at Blue Line Pro and at one of their Free Comic Book Day events, he was introduced to the venerable Chuck Moore who took a casual offer to help as a call to action and by the end of that week, He was writing columns and stories for the Comic Related website. Eventually, John rose to become first partner and then Co-Owner of the site.

Artistically, John writes his own comic stories and has started the process of creating his first self published book. Additionally, he is an inker and is practicing digital coloring. In the other five minutes of his day, John spends time with his wife, Kim and their dumb dog and spends too much time online.

Meet the Comic Related Contributing Family
Darren Mueller / Chief Technical Officer
Darren is a comic book creator, originally from Canada who moved to the US to be with his lovely wife Krista. Darren's background is in graphic and web design, and when he teamed up with Jackie Hernandez, began a comic book studio. Darren works on several of the projects on Comic Related, and is involved behind-the-scenes on several of the larger computer related projects in the comic book industry, helping it to grow even if others are unaware of his presence.
Gordon Dymowski / Columnist and Podcaster
Gordon has been a comic collector most of his life, and a film buff for most of his adult life. When he's not enjoying either a good comic or film, he's working hard saving the world in the social service field. As he explains, "It's much like being a super hero without the tights." Gordon writes our monthly TV Party column and regularly updates his personal blog, Blog THIS, Pal. Gordon also holds the honor of being the longest contributing columnist in the history of Comic Related. Gordon also currently co-hosts Zone 4.

Kim Wilson / Photographer
After being dragged to multiple comic conventions under the guise of supporting her husband, co-owner John Wilson, Kim finally picked up a camera and started turning in some of CR's best con shots to date. When not behind the camera, Kim teaches the Visually Impaired and is rarely seen without her iPad.

Ron Fortier / Reviewer
Ron Fortier has been a professional writer for over 25 years working on comic book projects such as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo and Peter Pan, his two most popular comic series being The Green Hornet and The Terminator (with Alex Ross). With Ardath Mayhar he's penned two TSR fantasy novels, and in 2001 he had his first play produced. Ron is a constant supporter of the site, writes for it from time to time and shepards our forums. In 2009, Ron became a forum moderator for Comic Related. Currently, Ron also co-hosts Zone 4. Learn more about him and his work at Airship27.
Bill Gladman / Columnist
Bill is a writer and illustrator and currently working on several different projects including the first issue of an ongoing comic book series (Prodigy), an illustrated fantasy novel (The Book of Noheim), and the first of four illustrated science fiction/fantasy novels (Jack the Rabbit, Living Legend of the Purple Plains) as well as a light-hearted on going mini-comic (Three Wise Men). Bill also pens a column for Comic Related and will be doing a mix of regional convention coverage. Bill also shepards our forums. In 2009, hebecame a forum moderator for Comic Related.

Decapitated Dan / Reviewer
One of the most consistent and prolific reviewers on Comic Related, Dan is a Graphic Designer / Publisher from Joliet, IL. He also runs his own side business danroyerdesign. When he is not busy working he can either be found watching his beloved New Orleans Saints, searching online to add to his Iceman Collection or nose deep in a good horror or independent comic. Aside from writing reviews he also runs the website for From the Tomb Magazine.

Chris Ventura / Reviewer and Podcaster
Chris Ventura is the founder of Dark Avenger INC,a group of comic reviewers providing weekly reviews of mainstream and independent titles on YouTube. Learn more at www.youtube.com/user/DarkAvengerC86 and www.youtube.com/user/DarkAvengerINC. Also check out their latest venture, a written review blog site on both Blogger and Tumblr called Comic Frontline. Chris is also the co-host on Comic Related's Related Recap and Hall of Toys.
David O'Leary / Reviewer and Columnist
David O' Leary is a Hotel Manager from the west coast of the Republic of Ireland and thinks this is a great way to talk to others about the cool medium that is comics. He is a husband to one wife and father to one girl (so far). He's been reading comics: for about 12 years now and also shares the occasional international interview for the site.
Eric Ratcliffe / Reviewer and Podcaster
Eric Ratcliffe is a writer/pop culture journalist/interviewer who is currently working on pitching a project named the Hunter chronicles. When not reading his weekly stack, Eric can be found watching dvd's, playing on his 360 (gamertag: Zack Hunter) or just surfing online trying to find a scoop or two. Eric is a prolific writer, podcaster and convention reporter here at Comic Related.
Billy Dunleavy/ Reviewer and Columnist
After helping the Guardians of the Galaxy out in space, I decided to return to Earth, and lend my opinion to the world of comics! A Marvel Zombie for a long time, in the last couple of years I've branched out and have become a huge fan of Dark Horse, Image, and a host of other publishers. I still love The Avengers and Marvel Cosmic scene though, and my most treasured book is my copy of The Death of Captain Marvel that is signed by Jim Starlin!
Bill Love / Reviewer and Columnist
Bill Love spent ten years in television production then ten years teaching production and journalism at the high school level. He has over a decade of comics retailing experience and has written, edited and done interviews for Sketch Magazine and other Blue Line Art publications. Together with Bob Hickey, Bill created Graphic Novel Scene to serve the library community as a selection tool in choosing graphic novels for their growing collections. Bill shares a mix of reviews for Comic Related
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Chuck Moore

Dark Avenger INC
This channel focuses on comics. Reviews, discussions, movies, cards, and even some games. Expect anything!

Taking the comic reviewing world by storm!!!


Chuck Moore

UGR Gaming
Hello Everyone, Welcome to UGRGaming.com where you will find the latest gaming news and reviews for your favorite consoles! I began UGR in 2012 in hopes to break into the gaming industry and so far it has been a great ride! Our focus and mission is to provide our audience with a great experience in and outside of gaming and provide new and unique ways to connect and reach out to you guys. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the site and ventured over to our other projects like the Gamer Chat Weekly Podcast. We are always trying to do something new and different to keep the company exciting and fresh. We hope you come along with us for the ride. Remember, LOGIN. PLAY. EXPERIENCE UGR.

Chuck Moore

Comic Frontline
Comic Frontline will try to bring you the latest Comic News, Review, Previews, Interviews and anything else in the media of Comics. We love Comics here at Comic Frontline and it's our goal to share our love (or some times disliking) of the world of COMICS!


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